What Makes Tower of God Special

When you think anime, most people will typically go to Japan automatically. There are some people, including myself, that would argue that America’s taken a few steps into that realm, too. But there aren’t many people that would say “Actually, I prefer Korean stories!”

And then Crunchyroll teamed up with WebToons and gave us a brand new anime powerhouse. That being the subject of today’s article: Tower of God.

Now, be aware: this is not a review. The series isn’t done yet and I haven’t read the comic (but I fully intend to get to it, don’t you worry). While I can say with confidence that what we’ve gotten so far has been amazing, I can’t judge the whole product yet. This time, I’m not here to be a critic. Rather, I’m here to talk about why this show deserves as much attention as it could possibly get.

So, what’s the deal? Why should you watch this show? What makes Tower of God so special?

Simple! It’s a doorway!

Everyone has that one show that acted as a gateway to anime. That one show that sparked that initial curiosity. Dragon Ball, Sword Art Online, Neon Genisis Evangelion, the list goes on. Every weeb in the world has that one show that set them down a never-ending spiral through Japanese media.

Tower of God is unique in that it’s a gateway into a whole new realm of storytelling. For both new and old anime fans, might I add! People familiar with Japanese tropes will become intrigued because it’s something so new and unique to what they’re familiar with. Meanwhile, newer anime fans will find that same spark that they’d find from a typical Japanese show.

When you watch Tower of God, it feels distinctly unique. It still feels like anime, thanks to the Japanese voice acting and the visual style. But the story, particularly in its structure and tone, feels completely unique! It invokes a natural curiosity in not only the show itself, but in other stories of its ilk!

It certainly helps that Crunchyroll has made accessing those other stories super easy! Not only does it credit WebToons in every episode, but there’s also a link straight to the website right below them! All you have to do to dive down the rabbit hole is make a click and spare some free time!

And you’ll need that time. There’s a lot of stuff on that website. Hell, Tower of God alone is super long, and it isn’t even done yet!

It certainly helps that this is one of the most interesting, engaging stories I’ve seen in a long fucking time! The story is completely unpredictable, with one of the strongest and most interesting settings ever! If it were even half as good, it would still be an incredible gateway series to Korean storytelling!

Best of all: Tower of God is only the first step! We’ve got God of High School coming soon, then god knows what we’ll get after that! This partnership between Crunchyroll and WebToons could completely change the game! And all of it would come back to this show! This is the first step to a potential new era in anime!

Personally, I can’t wait to see where this goes! Will the game forever change, like I hope it will? It’ll take some time to find out. But I can’t wait to see the results!

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