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  • The Shadow of the Gods: A Grotesque Gem

    Man, I’m gonna misspell everything in this article. I’m so sorry, John Gwynne. In recent years, I’ve developed a strong fascination with Norse mythology. And no, not just because of the new God of War games (though I’ll admit those played a large part in my growing interest). It’s just such a badass mythos with […]

  • Wind Waker: Set Sail For Adventure!

    Wind Waker: Set Sail For Adventure!

    I was gonna review both of the Oracle games and Minish Cap, but I decided to save those for another day. Mostly because I don’t really care for any of those games and going through them was starting to get a bit tedious. Of all the Zelda games, Wind Waker is one of the most […]

  • Legends and Lattes: A Fresh New Start

    Fantasy can be a pretty repetitive genre. You’ll see a lot of the same tropes and character archetypes across multiple different series. That’s not a bad thing by any means; fantasy is one of the most enduring genres in literature. But every now and then, you just need a break from the high-stakes adventures about […]

  • American Psycho: Remember When Batman Murdered the Joker With an Axe?

    American Psycho: Remember When Batman Murdered the Joker With an Axe?

    I couldn’t think of a clever title for this one, sorry guys. I’m not usually much a fan for horror or slasher movies. There are a few exceptions, namely the Alien movies (Alien is a slasher, right? Or did I just start an argument?), but generally I’m not into movies all about serial killers. Not […]

  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 8): Assassin

    I am legit shaking out of excitement right now. This is one of the most iconic and beloved sections of Berserk, hands down. It develops Guts as a character so well that it puts other entire character arcs to shame! The king of Midland has granted the Band of the Hawk the honor of guarding […]