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Castlevania (NES): An Unforgiving, Unfair Masterpiece

There are certain games from my childhood that still haunt my nightmares. Not because they were scary, mind you. Because of their brutality. As a small child, being faced with an insurmountable challenge that your tiny mind and smaller hands are incapable of overcoming can be scarring. Like being beaten over the head with a… Continue reading Castlevania (NES): An Unforgiving, Unfair Masterpiece

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The Great One Piece Journey (Part 8): Little Garden

Not a week on the Grand Line, and the Straw Hats have become enveloped in a complex political plot that'll take them on their first truly insane adventure. This is literally the start of their time here. Only Luffy could manage something that crazy that quickly! Look at these mad lads! After picking up Vivi… Continue reading The Great One Piece Journey (Part 8): Little Garden