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The Great One Piece Journey (Part 10): Alabasta

After three arcs of buildup, it's finally time for the grand finale of the Alabasta saga. It's time for Alabasta itself! With Nami at full health and Chopper on the crew, the Straw Hats finally make their way to Alabasta! And things are heating up too quickly to contain! The rebellion against Vivi's father is… Continue reading The Great One Piece Journey (Part 10): Alabasta

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Castlevania (NES): An Unforgiving, Unfair Masterpiece

There are certain games from my childhood that still haunt my nightmares. Not because they were scary, mind you. Because of their brutality. As a small child, being faced with an insurmountable challenge that your tiny mind and smaller hands are incapable of overcoming can be scarring. Like being beaten over the head with a… Continue reading Castlevania (NES): An Unforgiving, Unfair Masterpiece