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Hunter X Hunter: Shounen at its Most Deceptive

Oh, I'm sorry! Did you think this was a cute battle shounen? Oh, you little fool! You have no idea! Is what I wish I could go back and tell myself when I first discovered this show way back in early high school. Because my god, dude, I was not prepared for this shit! Like, at all!… Continue reading Hunter X Hunter: Shounen at its Most Deceptive

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Halo 3: Finishing the Fight

Thirteen years. PC players have been waiting to play this game for thirteen god damn years. Now, the promised day has finally arrived. Now, those on PC can finally see the conclusion to the Halo trilogy! What? Halo 4 and 5? What're you talking about? Those don't exist! The series ended with this and Reach!… Continue reading Halo 3: Finishing the Fight

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Hikigaya Hachiman: A Martyr Alone

If you haven't watched My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU yet, you probably should before reading this. It's in its third and final (I think?) season, so now is the time. The spoilers here will be huge. This is your only warning. My problem with rom-com protagonists is that they often suffer from a lack of depth.… Continue reading Hikigaya Hachiman: A Martyr Alone

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White Dragons: Hearts as Cold as Their Breath

Now, we come to the final dragon. At least before the metallic dragons. And the dragon turtle. White dragons are the smallest, dumbest, and most animalistic of all the dragons. They lack the cunning tactics of their peers but make up for it in instinct and tenacity, being the best hunters of their kin. They… Continue reading White Dragons: Hearts as Cold as Their Breath