• Resident Evil 4: Truly a Masterpiece?

    Resident Evil 4: Truly a Masterpiece?

    I know I make a lot of jokes about my opinions getting me hanged or burned at the stake. But the ones I’m about to write in this article might just make those jokes come true. Look up any ‘top games of all time’ list. Like, right now. I’ll wait. Scour that list and I […]

  • Boromir: The Best and Worst of Gondor

    Boromir: The Best and Worst of Gondor

    Of the nine members of the Fellowship, only two of them die over the course of the story. One of them comes right back, so that hardly even counts. But the other? His death isn’t just one of the most iconic scenes in the series, it’s also one of the most important. I am of […]

  • The Shadow of the Gods: A Grotesque Gem

    Man, I’m gonna misspell everything in this article. I’m so sorry, John Gwynne. In recent years, I’ve developed a strong fascination with Norse mythology. And no, not just because of the new God of War games (though I’ll admit those played a large part in my growing interest). It’s just such a badass mythos with […]

  • Minotaur: Every Barbarian’s Inspiration

    Back with Best of the Bestiary, and what do we have? Another monster of Greek mythology! Hopefully this one will fare a little better than the last few have. Lore: Labyrinthine Predators of a Demonic Cult Born via demonic ritual, a minotaur is a savage monster that lives for the thrill of the hunt. Solitary […]

  • Let’s Talk About Phase 4 (Marvel)

    Let’s Talk About Phase 4 (Marvel)

    For the last thirteen years, Marvel has more or less dominated cinema. For better… and for worse. Still, for a while, it was really cool! An interconnected series of films spanning over a decade, all building up to a grand conclusion against an ultimate evil! Say what you will about Infinity War and Endgame, but […]