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  • Spring Anime 2022: Warm and Friendly

    Spring is here once again. The snow is melting. The flowers are blooming on the trees. Allergies are flaring. The school year is approaching its end. It’s the perfect time to stay inside and watch anime. There are some heavy hitters this season. Kaguya-sama is back for season three, therefor I am allowed to be […]

  • Attack on Titan Final Season (Part 2): At World’s End… Almost

    Attack on Titan Final Season (Part 2): At World’s End… Almost

    You know what? I’m never going to say “this is the end of AOT” again until the last damn episode has aired. Twice now, I’ve been made a fool. I shan’t be made one a third time. The first part of the final season (can we even still call it that?) had a fairly tough […]

  • My Dress-Up Darling: Wholesome and Horny

    My Dress-Up Darling: Wholesome and Horny

    The winter season of anime was quite the surprise this year. We had not one, but two heavy hitting returning shows. Attack on Titan is going into its grand finale and Demon Slayer came back for the Entertainment District arc. Surely one of those stood at the top of the ratings. Nope. Neither of those […]

  • I Finally Watched Arcane

    I Finally Watched Arcane

    Yeah, I know the hype train for this one passed several months ago. And I know you could argue that it’s not actually anime. But better late than never, and it’s my blog I can do what I want. Despite the massive hype it produced, I didn’t actually know anything about Arcane going into it. […]

  • Golden Boy: How Educational

    Golden Boy: How Educational

    I have seen so many memes from this series over the years. Question is: is the show itself worth it? Or should I have just stuck to the memes? The premise is simple. Kintaro Oe is a wanderer who hops from job to job and hits on women. After making a complete fool of himself […]