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A Love Letter to Abridged Anime Parodies

The internet has changed a lot over the last ten years. Facebook has become a breeding ground for idiocy. There are twelve streaming services for every day of the week. Easily abused copyright systems allow people who don't actually understand copyright law to take a piss all over fair use. You know why that last… Continue reading A Love Letter to Abridged Anime Parodies

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Princess Mononoke: Ghibli’s Masterpiece

I had an oddly intense debate with myself as to where to put this one. It was an anime, so surely it would be better off in the Saturday slot. But it's a movie, so... wouldn't it be better off in the Monday slot? In the end, I decided two things. One: it didn't matter.… Continue reading Princess Mononoke: Ghibli’s Masterpiece

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Kaguya-sama Season 2: Escalating Feelings

Holy shit, I am late to this party! Better late than never, I guess! And I'm sure as hell not waiting for season three to come out! I am not that patient! Season 2 of Kaguya-sama: Love is War had to live up to some high expectations, at least for me. The first season was… Continue reading Kaguya-sama Season 2: Escalating Feelings

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The Rise of Attack on Titan

You know what i just realized? I've never actually talked about Attack on Titan before on this blog! At least, not extensively. Which is weird, considering how much I love this series. Attack on Titan's first season aired way back before I even started watching anime. Back then, the only real 'anime' that I had… Continue reading The Rise of Attack on Titan

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Autumn Anime 2020: Getting Back in the Swing of It

A new season is upon us yet again! And it's looking like a good one! This is a big season for returning shows. Haikyu!! is back with the second half of season four (hype train, baby!!) and both Golden Kamuy (gotta watch that at some point) and Danmachi have returned for their third seasons! Fuck,… Continue reading Autumn Anime 2020: Getting Back in the Swing of It