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A photo of a much younger Jonah at his first Teen Author Boot Camp. Besides me is a recreation of the steam dragon from J. Scott Savage’s ‘Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention’. It might have a name but I wouldn’t know; I haven’t finished the book yet.

Born in Utah in the year 1999, Jonah Alexander Hunt was born to be two things: carnivorous and a total nerd. The first one is due to my mother’s constant meat cravings during her pregnancy with myself, but the other is probably my fault. Or my father’s. But we’re not here to play the blame game.

By the age of four, Jonah’s path in life was already set. He spent his youth playing Jak and Daxter on the PS2, watching cartoons and Japanese movies, and running around pretending to be his favorite movie characters (including Buzz Lightyear and Godzilla). But his true direction wouldn’t be found until he hit the age of twelve in the sixth grade.

In his highly stupid and obnoxiously arrogant youth, Jonah spat on the idea of writing. Why would I bother writing a book when I can just sit down and read one? But then, a few months into his sixth grade year of school, his class was given an assignment: write a short story.

Jonah reluctantly completed the assignment, writing a scene that was beat-for-beat the opening fight scene of Dragon Ball Evolution (oh yeah, younger Jonah also had terrible taste in movies). He fully expected to get a failing grade due to his total lack of effort.

He then received an A and high praise from his teacher.

To many, this may seem insignificant. But to Jonah, this meant everything. Never before had he been so highly praised for anything, let alone something he did in school. So to be complimented this highly on something he didn’t even try on ignited a sudden passion within him.

For the first time in his life, Jonah wanted to do better.

From then on, Jonah was determined to become a published author. He wrote several stories, some… terrible, and others… bad. Day by day, word by word, he improved. And he continues to do so to this day.

Now he’s a nineteen year old man, graduated from school and more determined than ever to achieve his goal. In the time between his job as a dishwasher and his time Dungeon-Mastering two separate D&D Campaigns, he toils away on his book and blog. Word by word, day by day, he grows closer to achieving his goal.

I do hope you’ll join me when he finally achieves it.

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