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Hunter X Hunter: Shounen at its Most Deceptive

Oh, I'm sorry! Did you think this was a cute battle shounen? Oh, you little fool! You have no idea! Is what I wish I could go back and tell myself when I first discovered this show way back in early high school. Because my god, dude, I was not prepared for this shit! Like, at all!… Continue reading Hunter X Hunter: Shounen at its Most Deceptive

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Hikigaya Hachiman: A Martyr Alone

If you haven't watched My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU yet, you probably should before reading this. It's in its third and final (I think?) season, so now is the time. The spoilers here will be huge. This is your only warning. My problem with rom-com protagonists is that they often suffer from a lack of depth.… Continue reading Hikigaya Hachiman: A Martyr Alone

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My Problem With HunterxHunter’s Chimera Arc

When it comes to HunterxHunter arcs, people tend to share the same opinions. The first is that Greed Island is the worst. Up until recently, I didn't agree with that. The second one, which I also disagreed with, is that the Chimera Ant arc was the best. As you likely guessed from the title, my… Continue reading My Problem With HunterxHunter’s Chimera Arc

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Genthru: HunterxHunter’s Least Interesting Villain

It's amazing the things you can get done in quarantine when you're bored. I've finished several games, watched and rewatched many shows, and gotten more writing done than I've managed in a while. I've even managed to get around to revisiting some stories I've dropped for a while! Including a modern shounen classic: HunterxHunter! Or… Continue reading Genthru: HunterxHunter’s Least Interesting Villain

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Tower of God Season 1: The 13 Episode Prologue

When I wrote my article for the spring anime of 2020, I expressed cautious optimism in regards to Tower of God. While I did enjoy what I'd seen up to that point, the show hadn't quite won me over yet. It seemed like a show that could end up being awesome. Or it could've fallen… Continue reading Tower of God Season 1: The 13 Episode Prologue