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Knives Out: A Modern Whodunit Masterpiece

Mysteries are so much fun. Especially since I'm an idiot who can never guess it right, so they never get old! But modern mysteries haven't done much for me. That's why I always stick to old Sherlock Holmes stories or Agatha Christie books. Which is why I missed out on Knives Out. I'll never let… Continue reading Knives Out: A Modern Whodunit Masterpiece

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No More Heroes: A Mediocre Masterpiece

*Warning: this review might be a bit more graphic than my usual fare. It is No More Heroes, after all. If you're fine with a bit of black humor, cursing, and graphic descriptions, than read on. You have been warned.* When I was a young man, I had a very simple view of video games.… Continue reading No More Heroes: A Mediocre Masterpiece

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Neverwhere: London, But Even Nastier

I might need to cover this on my next By the Cover. It has been a while since I last read a Neil Gaiman book. I've had this one in my library for a while, but I got distracted by other things. But now that I'm done with... basically everything that's been in my read… Continue reading Neverwhere: London, But Even Nastier

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Princess Mononoke: Ghibli’s Masterpiece

I had an oddly intense debate with myself as to where to put this one. It was an anime, so surely it would be better off in the Saturday slot. But it's a movie, so... wouldn't it be better off in the Monday slot? In the end, I decided two things. One: it didn't matter.… Continue reading Princess Mononoke: Ghibli’s Masterpiece

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Ghost of Tsushima: Modern, Yet Dated

Have you ever wanted to play a samurai movie? Did you ever watch a Kurosawa movie and ask yourself "Why can't I play it?" Well, congratulations! I've got the game for you! I've been meaning to get around to this game for a while. But... well, then 2020 happened. So, much to my dismay, this… Continue reading Ghost of Tsushima: Modern, Yet Dated