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Day 356: Plotting the Nintendo Cinematic Universe Part 4 (Ultimate Phase, Part 1)

This is the fourth entry in a multi-part series. If you want to catch up, then click the links below and give the first three parts a read. Writing this series has been an absolute blast, and I want to share every word of it with you.

Phase 1
Phase 2: Melee
Phase 3: Brawl

The end is near, ladies and gentlemen. We’re only a few movies away from the grand climax of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe. But as you may have noticed, there are several characters that are still missing. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Starting with Phase 4’s first movie: Mother.

A pseudo-sequel to Phase 2’s Earthbound, this movie will be the last one starring the young psychics. This one stars a young Lucas, who is sent off on a grand adventure after the death of his mother and the disappearance of his brother Claus. His quest is simple: find his brother, move past the loss of his mother, and save the world from Porky and his mysterious masked super-soldier, who in fact turns out to be a mind-controlled Claus.

In the end, Lucas saves his brother, defeats Porky, and returns home as a better person. However, he can’t go back to his peaceful life, as two strangers have appeared within his home with an offer: Sakurai and Ness. They promise him greater control over his abilities and, more importantly, ask him for his help in protecting the world.

Next up, we have the first new movie that isn’t at all a sequel: Kid Icarus.

Shortly after the events of Brawl, Pit returns home to Skyworld. After a brief chat with Palutena, in which Pit worries for the other members of the Smash Bros (as the world has almost entirely turned on them after the events of Brawl), they’re attacked by Medusa and the forces of the Underworld. Despite his best efforts, Pit is defeated, knocked down from the heavens, and rendered nigh powerless. But Palutena gives him a simple mission: find Pandora and claim the Three Sacred Treasures.

Fighting his way through the world (in which both the Demons and Mortals (humans, Hylians, etc.) treat him as their enemy), Pit eventually comes face-to-face with Pandora, who deceives him and puts him right in front of a magic mirror which creates a duplicate of him: Dark Pit. She hopes to control the Dark Angel and destroy our hero, but Dark Pit rebels, kills Pandora and steals the Three Sacred Treasures.

After a brief but brutal battle, Pit and Dark Pit (whom Pit calls Pitoo, despite his doppelganger’s dismay) settle their differences and part ways. Now armed with the Sacred Treasures, Pit flies back to the heavens, slaughters his way through Medusa’s forces and frees Palutena, restoring her powers. Together, the two make quick work of Medusa, sending her back to the Underworld.

Once this quest is complete, Pit and Palutena begin their new work: clean up. With Palutena’s blessing at his back, Pit descends upon the world and starts to slaughter the remaining, wandering Demons. On one of these missions, he meets a tall woman with dark hair and a pension for flirting and revealing outfits: Bayonetta.

Which leads us to the movie of the same name.

If you’ve played Bayonetta, then you can make a guess as to what the plot is. After waking up from a super-long power-nap with no memories, the Umbra Witch Bayonetta goes on a quest to slaughter angels, enslave demons, and regain her memories. Along the way, she meets Jeane, her rival and friend. Together, they defeat a powerful and corrupt goddess, save the world and move on with their lives, free from the shackles of their past.

In the post-credits scene, Bayonetta slaughters a few rogue demons. After which, she has a vision brought on by her magic or some other reason. In this vision, she catches glimpses of Galeem and the Hands descending upon the Earth, and she decides to take action to stop it. Traveling to the now ruined Final Destination, Bayonetta finds Sakurai and offers her aide.

Now, before we pay that off, we have one more movie to get through. The third and last movie in the Super Mario Bros. series: Legend of the Seven Stars. That’s right, we’re bringing Mario RPG into this, boys!

While resting after yet another one of his adventures, Mario watches as a mysterious giant sword falls from the sky and plunges into Bowser’s Castle. Going to investigate, Mario finds Bowser on the brink of death, with the only thing standing between him and the final curtain being Peach (who had apparently been kidnapped again) and Bowser Jr. But even with Mario’s help, they can’t defeat the sword, Exo, and they’re sent flying.

Mario is rescued by a cloud person named Mallow, and the two head off to save the Mushroom Kingdom from it’s greatest threat yet. Along the way, they make friends with a living doll named Geno, who explains that he’s here to defeat Exo and save the Star Road. Together, along with Peach, Bowser/Bowser Jr, they defeat Exo, restore the Star Road, and bring peace to the Mushroom Kingdom once again.

In the post-credits scene, Mario sees Geno off on his journey home. However, before he can, Sakurai appears and tells Mario that something terrible is coming, and they need all the help they can get. Hearing this, Geno offers his aide, and Mario gladly accepts.

Because god damn it, I’m getting Geno into Smash somehow! Speaking of which, it’s finally time! It’s time for Super Smash Bros: Ultimate! At least, Part 1.

The film opens on an unfamiliar planet in the midst of an extreme high speed race. As it comes to a conclusion, a new character emerges from his ship to claim his prize: Captain Falcon. However, before he can, Galeem and his swarm pass the planet, and the swarm lays waste to the world. Luckily, Falcon manages to escape, as his ship is blindingly fast even in comparison to Galeem and his forces, though his ship suffers from critical damage on his way out.

We then rejoin our heroes on Earth. Link and Zelda, Marth and Peach, as the royal members of the Smash Bros, are currently on thin ice with their people, who seem eager to get them away from positions of power. But they don’t have time to worry about that, as Sakurai appears to them and gathers them to confront the oncoming threat.

Gathered together are: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi (who gets dragged along because he was helping Luigi out at the time), Peach, Bowser and Bowser Jr (who have nowhere else to go at the moment) and Geno (if Nintendo won’t, then I will), Link, Zelda, Marth, Ike, Donkey and Diddy Kong, Detective Pikachu, Ness, Lucas, Pit, Palutena and Bayonetta. On top of that, Sakurai is bringing out the captured villains as an extra helping hand, including: Ganondorf, Wario, Ridley, King K. Rool and a mostly reformed Mewtwo. Together, they all prepare for the upcoming threat.

Meanwhile, Samus comes across a wounded Captain Falcon. She brings him in, treats his wounds, and listens to his tale. Realizing the danger heading towards Earth, Samus offers to drop Falcon off at the nearest planet before she goes to face it, but the Captain makes it clear that he wants payback, so he’s going with her. Before they head out, Samus makes a call to Fox and Falco, asking them if she can enlist their help.

Back on Earth, the gathered Smash Bros are confronted by a Master Hand and Crazy Hand which had gone ahead of the main pack. Their teamwork is incredibly rocky, especially between the heroes and their villains, and they’re nearly overwhelmed by the extreme power of the two monsters. Luckily, Samus, Captain Falcon, Fox and Falco appear just in time and help them defeat the threats.

Unfortunately for them, they don’t have much time to rest. Galeem breaks through the skies above them, the Master and Crazy Hand swarm at his side. Seeing this, our heroes begin to fall into despair, realizing that this fight can’t be won. Despite this, they gather their courage and prepare for their greatest battle yet.

In a split second, all hell breaks loose. Everyone fights for their lives, struggling against all odds to defeat the swarm. Pushing through together, nearly dying along the way, our heroes break through and face off against Galeem itself. For a split second, it seems that they may be able to pull out a victory. But when they cause enough damage, a black rift opens in the creature, and a black mass emerges: Dharkon.

Galeem and Dharkon break out into a massive battle between each other, laying waste to the world around them. Then, in it’s most desperate and powerful attack, Galeem swallows the world in light, consuming all our heroes before enveloping the entire universe. The screen goes pure white, and… credits role.

However, we have one post credits scene to get through. As the light is enveloping all the people around the world, we see one being escape them. A familiar pink blob flying faster than the light. Then, just as it seems hope is lost for this little fellow, he disappears completely. But before he does, we get one quick but good look at who managed to escape.

And thus, at long last, we introduce Kirby into the Nintendo Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, his movie will have to wait until Part 2.

Now all that remains is the final build up to the final Smash Bros movie. We’ve got three movies left: Xenoblade Chronicles (bet ya thought I forgot about Shulk, didn’t ya?), Kirby, and the grand finale of the series: Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Part 2.

See you guys tomorrow!

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