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Day 354: Plotting the Nintendo Cinematic Universe Phase 3 (Brawl)

This is part three in a multi-part series. If you haven’t read the first two parts, then check them out in the links below before reading this one. I assure you: it won’t make any sense if you don’t.

Phase 1
Phase 2: Melee

Up to this point, we’ve had several movies and introduced several characters. Currently in our roster, we have: Detective Pikachu and Tim, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Link, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Samus, Fox, Falco, Ness, Mewtwo, and Marth, many of which were thrown in as extra characters in other movies. You may notice that some staples, such as Kirby, Captain Falcon, and others, are still missing. Don’t worry, we’ll get to them.

But first, we need to expand on a character introduced in the Super Smash Bros.: Melee movie. It’s time for our first Fire Emblem movie: Shadow Dragon.

The film takes place shortly after the events of Melee, in which the Crazy Hand laid waste to many cities and countries across the world. One of them was the currently conquered homeland of soon-to-be Hero King Marth, who is fresh back to his hideout after slaying the alien destroyer. Realizing that this is his chance, Marth gathers his allies (including the Hero of Hyrule himself, Link, who promised his help at the end of Melee) and goes to reclaim his home and slay the Shadow Dragon.

Along the way, Marth and friends encounter a wandering group of mercenaries. Among them is the warrior Ike, who misconstrues Marth’s intentions (as he’s seemingly invading a country that had just been attacked) and duels Marth. Ike wins, but he’s stopped by Link, and the mishap is explained. To apologize, Ike joins the band for the rest of the journey, and he and Marth form a strong friendship. Together, Marth and Ike slay the shadow dragon and reclaim Marth’s home.

In the post credits scene, after Marth and Ike part ways, we see a familiar boy with brown hair and wings looking on from a nearby cliff side. He’s talking seemingly to himself, but then a smooth female voice responds to him via telepathy. She tells him to return home, and the boy takes flight and ascends back into the heavens.

Next up, we have another sequel to get to that was alluded at in the Melee movie: Donkey Kong Country.

After returning home from the battle with Crazy Hand, Donkey Kong finds that his stash of bananas is currently being stolen by another of the lizard people, this one garbed in a crown and red cape. He tries to fight the monster (King. K. Rool, in case it weren’t obvious) and gets completely obliterated, left on the brink of death as his food is stolen away.

Luckily for Donkey Kong, a new ally comes to his aide: Diddy Kong. He patches him up and assists the ape in his journey across the island. Together, the two take K. Rool down and reclaim the banana pile. However, K. Rool manages to escape, living to fight yet another day. However, the villain doesn’t get far before running into a set of familiar floating masks in the post credits scene.

After this, we get to our next sequel movie: Super Mario Bros: Wario Land.

The movie opens with Mario and Luigi escorting Peach back to the Mushroom Kingdom shortly after yet another rescue from Bowser and the Koopas. But their journey is cut short by a mischievous fat man with a big nose on a motorcycle: Wario. He rushes the trio, stealing every coin they have and vanishing. Naturally upset, Mario rushes after Wario, leaving Luigi and Peach behind.

You can guess what happens next. Mario chases Wario through the lands (uniting with Yoshi along the way for companionship), helping everyone hurt by the greedy man along the way. He defeats his money grubbing counterpart, returns the stolen goods to all those he’s encountered along the way, and he returns home triumphant. However, as Wario limps away, he wanders into a mysterious cave, where he is bathed in a strange blue light. What is that light, you ask? Well, you’ll find out…

Not in the next movie, because the next movie is another Metroid movie. You’ll find out in Super Smash Bros Brawl. But before that, we need to talk about the final movie in the Metroid trilogy: Super Metroid.

After defeating Crazy Hand and flying off into space, Samus gets a distress call from the research station where she left the baby Metroid at the end of Metroid: Hunters in Phase 2. Rushing off, Samus finds herself face to face with her arch nemesis: Ridley. The dragon kidnaps the baby, beats an exhausted Samus down, and flies off back to Zebes.

This will be Samus’s most challenging battle yet. She’s still exhausted from the Crazy Hand battle, and she’s injured after the bout with Ridley at the beginning. Still, against all odds, Samus overcomes all odds and defeats every foe in her way in her quest to rescue the baby.

Now, I will make a few changes. One: Kraid and the Mother Brain will not be included in the movie. I don’t like repeating villains in cinema. The other bosses, like Phantoon, will be here, but the main villain of the movie will be Ridley, rather than the Mother Brain. Thus, in the final battle, an exhausted and beat Samus is pushed to the brink of death by Ridley. But as you’d expect, she’s rescued by the baby (the titular Super Metroid) who is slain by the space dragon.

Who is then immediately slaughtered by a super-powered Samus. However, in the post credits scene, it’s revealed that Ridley has managed to survive, though he is critically injured and near death. But, much like the defeated Wario, he is found by a faint blue light.

Once again, however, we’ve got some more movies to get through before we pay that off. The next one being the third Detective Pikachu movie, simply called: Like No One Ever Was.

The movie starts off with the forewarned Deoxys emerging and causing mass havoc across the city. Along the way, he faces off against a well-known Lucario (who we could introduce in the previous film during the tournament or something, who knows) and defeats him. At the peak of his rampage, Deoxys breaks through the defenses of the Final Destination Facility and frees Mewtwo.

Detective Pikachu and Tim are brought onto the case. Their mission is simple: find and stop Deoxys and Mewtwo. Assisting them is Red, an elite Pokemon trainer with a Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard (it’s not a stretch, shut up) and the Lucario who faced Deoxys before. Together, they team up and face down against the two threats against the world.

In the final battle, our heroes are pushed to their absolute limits. But it doesn’t seem to be enough. Luckily, Mewtwo turns on Deoxys, and everyone takes him down together. However, the ending isn’t all hunky-dory. Tim admits to Pikachu that he doesn’t think he can keep up with this job anymore, and he retires from the business, leaving Pikachu alone to run his detective business.

Now, we have one more movie to go through. The last film in the Legend of Zelda trilogy: A Link Between Worlds.

On an assignment given to him by Zelda, Link runs into a mysterious cloaked sorcerer, who lays waste to a large farm in Hyrule. The Hero leaps into the fray, but he’s swiftly defeated by the man’s overwhelming power. However, he does push him far enough to recreate the flash into the Dark World that he had long ago during his battle with Aghanim. Because of this, Link has one thought after the man escapes: Aghanim has returned.

Rushing home to warn everyone about this, Link returns just in time to see a meeting between Zelda and a familiar man with orange hair: Ganondorf. He is the leader of the Gerudo tribe, who offers to help Hyrule heal from the wrath of the Crazy Hand. But before he knows what’s happening, Link is sent into the Dark World, and he finds a mirror image of Hyrule that seems to have been conquered long ago.

Link’s goal is clear: save the Dark World, return home and defeat the sorceror. Along the way, he discovers that Aghanim hasn’t returned, and it was all, in fact, Ganondorf’s doing. In the end, he claims the Triforce of Courage for the first time, faces Ganondorf (who transforms into Ganon) and defeats the ultimate evil in his most intense battle yet. However, much like the villains before him, Ganondorf manages to escape, and he’s saved by the blue light.

Which we can now finally pay off in the third cross-over film: Super Smash Bros Brawl!

We start off with a massive tournament held by the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Alinea, and the Smash Bros. Initiative. This tournament is built for a few purposes. For one, it acts as a charitable fundraiser to assist in the global rebuilding process of the world after the Crazy Hand’s destruction. Two: to assure the world that their new protectors, the Smash Bros, are fully capable. How do they do this?

By forcing them to fight, of course!

However, the tournament is cut short by Bowser, Wario, Ganondorf and Ridley, who tear the arena apart and, using a mysterious new weapon, transform several members of the team into statues. Kidnapping the now docile heroes, our villains disappear, leaving only a few members remaining: Diddy Kong (who came along with Donkey), and the new member (who isn’t present in the tournament arena): Pit.

As the two separate parties rescue the other Smash Bros and chase after the villains, they discover the being behind all this: a mysterious creature called Taboo. He pushes everyone to their limits, causing massive damage to the world around them as they fight. In the end, they manage to defeat Taboo, but at a major cost. Now, thanks to the mass destruction, the world no longer trusts in the Smash Bros., and the team is disbanded.

As per usual, the post credits scene teases Galeem, now surrounded by a swarm of Master and Crazy Hands. The light pushes out from the darkness and emerges into the galaxy. They push past the planets of the Galactic Federation and Corneria, pushing towards the Earth. All while leaving a swarm of Hands behind it.

With that, we’re officially within the fourth Phase of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe. It’s finally time for Ultimate, baby! In this, we’ll introduce the last characters we need and bring the story of the NCU to an end.

Then I can move on to my next Cinematic Universe project. But that will have to wait until later.

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