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  • Let’s Talk About the Second Mario Movie Trailer

    Let’s Talk About the Second Mario Movie Trailer

    I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with this movie. But here we are. Talking about it again. Once again, Nintendo and Illumination have graced us with a sneak preview of their world-shaking collaborative effort. And to my surprise, the reaction this time around was pretty underwhelming. No one got up in arms, no one […]

  • It’s Past Time to Stop Caring so Much About Continuity

    Continuity is an important piece in storytelling. If events don’t line up well enough, it can be a source of confusion or annoyance for potential viewers. But the longer a series might go on, the harder it is to maintain said continuity continuously. Not that writers are going to stop trying. Even when they should. […]

  • Special Effects Artists Need a Break

    Movies are among the top art forms in the world. Have been for about a century now. It’s easy to see why; you sit back for two hours and do nothing while a film transports you to a tale larger than life, be it an adventure or a comedy. They’re constructed like a clock. Each […]

  • Netflix’s Witcher Series Screwed the Pooch

    Netflix’s Witcher Series Screwed the Pooch

    Season one of the Witcher show was far from a masterpiece. Even still, it was a solid bit of fantasy television. It adapted the first book in the series, ‘The Last Wish’, while bringing plenty of new stuff to the table. In the end, it was a decent enough show that I enjoyed quite a […]

  • Aliens: Blending Action and Horror

    Aliens: Blending Action and Horror

    It’s Halloween, ladies and gents and non-binary friends. That means it’s time to talk about a horror movie. One problem with that: I’m not much of a fan of horror movies. I don’t want to spoil the holiday with an overly negative review of a film only I don’t like. So I decided to pick […]