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Day 352: Plotting the Nintendo Cinematic Universe Phase 2 (The Melee Phase)

In case you missed it, I’ll leave the link to the Phase 1 outline right here. If you want to have any idea what the hell I’m talking about, go check that out.

Phase 1

Two days ago, we set up the first phase of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe, or the NCU. We had the first films in the Detective Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Smash Bros. series. So where do we go from here? Well, we need to start by introducing a few new characters for the team. However, we can’t give everyone their own movie.

We don’t have time for that. As much as I’d like to give ever franchise a movie, my producer brain simply says that that’s too much. So we’re going to add some characters from similar settings into films where they fit, such as throwing the sci-fi space characters into Metroid (we’ll get to that) and give the movies with higher success wholly dedicated movies.

With that, we’ll start with the first movie in Phase 2 (Melee): Super Mario Bros.

This will be the first movie featuring Mario without Donkey Kong. The plot of this one is simple: after the first Smash Bros., Mario has gained a new lease on life, and he’s carrying out his work in the Mushroom Kingdom to great effect. One day, his brother Luigi comes over from New Donk City, and he tells Mario that he needs a new career, and Mario brings him in to the plumbing business. However, Luigi is so cowardly that he struggles simply to get through the day.

One day, Mario and Luigi are called in for their biggest job yet: the plumbing system in Princess Toadstool’s castle is busted, and they need to fix it. Here, they have their first encounter with Princess Peach, who of course offers them a cake for their services.

This is also where we meet one of the only recurring villain characters in the NCU: Bowser. He breaks into the castle, sends the guards into a panic, and kidnaps the Princess. Sensing another adventure, Mario pursues, dragging poor Luigi behind him.

The rest goes about as you’d expect. Mario and Luigi go on a few adventures, grow closer as brothers, and Luigi develops some semblance of courage. The two, along with a dinosaur friend named Yoshi they’ll get along the way, save Peach and defeat Bowser. However, instead of dropping him off a bridge, Mario decides to spare the King Koopa, as Bowser Jr. appears by his father’s side after the battle.

Ending wise, this is also standard fare. Mario and Luigi are crowned heroes by the Princess, and they’re given their cake to celebrate. Meanwhile, Bowser and his minions start their clean up of the castle. In the post credits scene, Bowser is approached by a shadowed figure, who asks if he’s seen a small imp-like creature. Emerging from the shadows is Zant, wearing a sinister smile as he tells Bowser the creature’s name is Midna.

This takes us straight to our next film in the NCU, and our first direct sequel. Now it’s time for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Taking place shortly after Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Bros., the film opens up with Link on his way to the modern Hyrule. Upon his arrival, he finds himself with a feeling of nostalgia, as the city seems very similar to as it was all those hundreds of years ago, as well as longing, as it’s just different enough to make him feel alien. While in town, he notices that there are several statues resembling him, all labeled ‘The Hero of Hyrule’.

While in town, he runs into the modern Princess Zelda, who is out and about in the town doing something. The two hit it off, though she makes Link miss his own time even more. However, their time together isn’t long lived, as a mysterious darkness envelops the city. Within an instant, Hyrule is consumed by Twilight, and Link and Zelda are the only ones who don’t disappear. However, Link is transformed into a wolf and is knocked out, leaving Zelda alone to deal with Zant’s appearance.

When Link awakens, he’s been dragged out of the city and into the nearby fields. Here, he meets Midna, who asks him his help in a simple task: help her gather three artifacts that will help her defeat Zant, though she doesn’t quite explain who she or Zant is or what’s happening. Link, realizing that he needs to leap back into action and eager to reclaim his Hylian form, agrees to help, and they’re off on their adventures.

Halfway through, Link discovers the truth of the situation. If you’ve played Twilight Princess, you know what I’m about to say. Midna and Zant are from the Twilight Realm, a parallel realm next to Link’s own, and Midna was originally the head honcho there. However, Zant was given a mysterious new power from a currently unknown being, and he usurped her and waged war on the Light Realm.

In the end, Link and Midna work together to defeat Zant and rescue Zelda. Once again, we won’t be using Ganandorf, as we’re saving him for later. After Zant’s defeat, Midna returns home and severs the link between the Light and Twilight Realms. Cut to a few months later, and Link is the Captain of the Hyrule Castle guard. However, not all is happy and good, as a familiar orange-haired figure looms over Hyrule, with an equally familiar golden triangle glowing upon the back of his hand.

Next up, we’re going to go back to Rhyme City for Detective Pikachu’s sequel: I Choose You!

The plot is simple. Pikachu and Tim have been getting drowned in business since the events of Smash Bros., but none of them are striking their fancy. One day, however, they’re approached by one of their biggest jobs yet: one of the strongest contenders in an upcoming Pokemon Battle Tournament has gone missing, and all the other contenders are the suspects.

You can guess the rest. Pikachu and Tim investigate the case, get into adventures along the way, and find the missing contestant, thwarting a mysterious crime organization (whose logo may or may not resemble a certain red R) along the way. In the post credits scene, their office is visited by Samus, who warns them that a mysterious creature has vanished somewhere on the Earth, and she doesn’t have the time to find it. The film ends with Samus showing Pikachu and Tim a holographic image of Deoxys, and she warns them that this creature is incredibly dangerous.

Speaking of Samus, our next film is yet another sequel. This time, it’s simply titled Metroid: Hunters.

After delivering her warning to the Detective Pikachu gang, Samus takes back to space, where she gets a message from the Galactic Federation. Her job is simple: go to Corneria and assist them. Rushing to the job, Samus finds herself in the midst of a war on Corneria’s surface, and she leaps into action against Andross’s forces. Here, she meets fellow mercenary team Star Fox, who assist her in the battle. In this battle, Samus discovers that Andross is using the Metroid as bio-weapons, directly taken from their home world on SR388.

Exchanging communication details, Samus and Star Fox divide into two forces. Fox and Falco pursue Andross across the stars, while Slippy and Peppy provide intel to Samus as she slaughters her way through SR388. The two teams defeat different portions of Andross’s forces, preventing them from grieving the other. In the grand finale, Samus faces against the Metroid Queen, and Fox/Falco duke it out with Andross. As Fox escapes from Andross’s exploding fortress, Samus meets up with the baby Metroid.

In the end, Star Fox and Samus are all hailed as heroes on Corneria. The anthropomorphic animal brigade wish Samus their best as they fly off, and Samus goes off to drop the baby at a familiar research station. However, as revealed in the post credits, Samus isn’t alone in her journey, as she’s being followed by a familiar space dragon not too far behind.

Now, before we get to the next Smash Bros. movie, we have one more film to get through: a simple adventure film called Earthbound. Not Mother; that’s for later.

Once again, the plot is simple. A young boy named Ness is sent on a bizarre adventure after a meteor crashes near his home. Along the way, his childhood neighbor Porky is consumed by evil and ultimately becomes Ness’s final foe. When all is said and done, Ness returns home, where a familiar man is waiting. You guessed it: it’s Sakurai, who has caught interest in Ness’s PSI powers.

Now we can fly into the grand climax of NCU Phase 2: Super Smash Bros.: Melee.

The movie starts with Fox and Falco working an independent mission delivering resources to Corneria. However, when they arrive, they find the city in complete ruin. Searching for survivors, they find a wounded General Pepper, who tell them that a mysterious white hand flew in and wiped everything out.

Cutting back to Earth, we start off with a big action scene over Bowser’s Castle. The King Koopa is on another princess kidnapping attempt, and Mario and Luigi are in the midst of stopping him again. However, this time Bowser’s doubled the anti and he’s ‘kidnapped’ another Princess: Zelda. I put that in quotes for two reasons. One: Zelda has intentionally let herself be captured, and she’s in the midst of breaking herself and Peach out. Two: she knows Link is on the way.

The battle ends with a humiliating defeat on Bowser’s part, as Mario, Luigi, Link and Zelda all take him down. However, the victory is cut short, as a familiar white blur shoots past the castle. As it does, it drops several bomb-like objects atop the castle, bringing it down upon all our heroes.

We then cut to a new character for the NCU: the soon-to-be Hero King: Marth. He lost his homeland long ago, and he’s been hiding out in the castle of his country’s oldest ally. He prepares to soon head out and reclaim his land, but this is cut off before it even begins. A giant white hand has appeared, and it’s begun to lay waste to Marth’s current home. Though it fights very differently from the foe from the first Smash Bros. film.

He leaps into action, along with several of his friends from the game Shadow Dragon, but none of them stand a chance and everyone, aside from Marth, is severely injured. Luckily, fate is on Marth’s side: Fox and Falco have appeared in pursuit of the hand, and they drive the creature off and unite with the Prince.

Meanwhile, in Rhyme City, Pikachu and Tim have returned from yet another case, though this one was lacking in the same thrill. They turn on the TV, where they see the news headlines: the Master Hand has apparently returned, and it’s been laying waste to the world around them. Immediately realizing the threat, the two call Sakurai, who’s been busy assembling the rest of the team, and he tells them that Mario and Link are missing.

Out in space, Samus hands off the baby Metroid to the research station and flies off, asking them to keep her updated on things. Returning to her gun ship, she immediately gets a message from Sakurai, who calls her in to assist with the threat. She flies off to assist them, and we see the shadow of Ridley looming over the station as she leaves.

Cutting back to Earth, we rejoin Pikachu and Tim as they touch down on a familiar tropical island. Diving deeper, they start calling Donkey Kong’s name, bribing him with bananas. However, before they find Kong, they’re attacked by a small army of familiar lizard creatures (familiar if you’ve played the Donkey Kong Country games, at least). They fight their way through for a while when they’re confronted by one of the bosses from the games (which one doesn’t matter, so long as it’s not K. Rool.), and they’re rescued by Kong, who is ecstatic to see them.

They try to recruit him into the fight, but Kong tells Pikachu that he’s busy. Pikachu explains to Tim that these lizards have stolen Kong’s banana stash, and he’s not leaving until he gets it back. The two know that they can’t win without Kong, so they promise the big ape to help him out, and the gorilla leads the way through the jungle.

We then go back to the now ruined Bowser’s Castle, where Bowser, Peach, Zelda and Luigi emerge from the rubble. Noticing that Mario and Link are nowhere to be seen, with the only possible place they could be being the Dungeon (which is now a lava filled hellscape), Zelda goes down to find them, with Luigi reluctantly following behind. Bowser, however, won’t follow, and he starts to storm off before he realizes that Peach is following them as well, and he reluctantly follows the team into the pit.

Meanwhile, Samus notices the grounded Starfox ships on her way to Final Destination, and she meets up with Fox, Falco and Marth. Together, they head off to FD, where they meet up with Sakurai and Ness. Looking at the data, they deduce that, unlike the Master Hand (who moved with some kind of purpose), this new Master Hand is going to completely random locations, laying waste to city after city with no discernible pattern. Combined with it’s sporadic powers and fighting style, they decide to call this new threat the Crazy Hand.

Briefing them on the situation, Sakurai tells them that the Hand is currently heading towards Marth’s homeland. They’re lacking in team power, as Mario and Link are still missing, and Pikachu and Tim are busy helping Kong to get his help. Regardless, Marth is eager to get into the fight, and Fox and Falco aren’t willing to stop him. Samus agrees to assist, and Ness does so as well (though he needs a bit of coercing with… whatever Ness would want. I haven’t played Earthbound since I was a kid, so I don’t know.)

As those four face down the Crazy Hand, Pikachu, Tim and Kong fight their way through the jungle. After a brutal battle, they face down one of K. Rool’s elites (not K. Rool, we’re saving him for later) and reclaim the bananas. With that, they have Kong’s promise of aide, and they rush to return to base.

Back in Bowser’s castle, Zelda’s team struggle to survive against the perilous territory. They’re forced to work together, using their different abilities and skills to get through. Upon reaching the bottom, they find an unconscious Mario and Link, and the dungeon begins to collapse on top of them. Using his monstrous strength, Bowser helps everyone force their way to freedom, and they emerge back to safety. Shortly afterwards, Mario and Link awaken, and a shuttle from Final Destination arrives to pick them up.

By the time Squad 2 (Pikachu and Tim, Donkey Kong, Mario, Link, Zelda, Luigi, Peach and Bowser) arrive to the battle, Squad 1 (Samus, Fox, Falco, Marth and Ness) are exhausted and beaten. Squad 2 fights for a while, but they can’t bring the Crazy Hand down. Just as all seems lost, Sakurai arrives with their secret weapon: the Mewtwo from the first Detective Pikachu! Both squads unite, and they take down the Crazy Hand together.

In terms of falling action, the movie is quick and simple. Samus and the Starfox boys head back off to space to continue their work. Donkey Kong returns to his island and carries on, Mewtwo is put back into custody (though far from happily), and Bowser returns home to fix his castle yet again. Pikachu and Tim head home, Link escorts Zelda back to Hyrule, and Mario and Luigi take Peach back to the Mushroom Kingdom, who promises them cake for their hard work (maybe Ness joins them upon hearing this, I dunno). Marth returns to prepare to reclaim his home (which has been mostly destroyed, making a golden opportunity), and he gets a promise from Link and Zelda to expect their aide.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is going wild over the destruction of the cities and the Master and Crazy Hands. Global paranoia is taking hold, and the status of the Smash Bros. in the public eye becomes divided. Some people praise them as heroes, and others are afraid of them, blaming them for the destruction. Most of this is communicated via radio chatter during the post credits scene, where we see a swarm of Master and Crazy Hands hovering around the glowing frame of Galeem.

And with that, we’re done with Phase 2: Melee. And things are only going to escalate further with the oncoming Phase 3. That’s right, we’re far from done! We’ve still got Brawl and Ultimate to go through!

Not 4 though. There’s no clever subtitle, so there’s nothing to go off of.

Now, you may have noticed that many characters are missing. Where’s Kirby? Where’s Pit? Well, fear not! I haven’t forgotten them. They’re simply planned for later, that’s all. Don’t worry, we’ll get to them.

But first: Phase 3. It’s time to Brawl, baby.

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