The Three Best My Hero Academia Fights (Part 2)

Quick note before we start: My Review Academia will be pushed from Saturday to Sunday due to schedule shifts at my job. Things shouldn’t change by much, but I feel the need to let you guys know ahead of time. Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy today’s post, and I’ll see you tomorrow for Season Four!

Here’s part one if you want to know what the third-best fight is.

Part 1

While I do love every fight in the second season, they don’t have much plot significance. They have it, don’t get me wrong. But aside from the Stain fight, none of them have a whole lot of plot significance. They mean a lot for the characters, such as Todoroki’s life-changing battle with Deku or Bakugo and Deku’s team-up to face All Might. But none of them dramatically transformed the world.

Those were all reserved for season three. And no fight did so as much as the All Might VS All For One fight!

maxresdefault (1)
I’d frame that.

In terms of actual fight choreography, this fight isn’t much. It boils down to ‘Hit one until they go down’. All Might does employ one creative, Deku-inspired tactic, but that’s about it. If it were only that, this would be one of the weakest battles in the series.

But in fiction, a good fight isn’t just great animation and fancy choreography. You need to tell a story with that battle. The fight must pay off the buildup from earlier in the series and lay the groundwork for more to come. And this fight does that better than practically every other fight in the series!

All For One has been built-up as the biggest, baddest motherfucker since the beginning of the series! He was the one who put a hole in All Might’s stomach, the one that created One For All in the first place! He’s the mentor of Shigurake, the current main villain of the whole show! He has been built up more than any other villain in the whole series!

Similarly, we’ve seen how important All Might is to the world. His very existence has been established time and time again to be the world’s most important crime deterrent! Every single villain in the show has been gunning for him since episode one! Not to mention that he’s been shown-off as the strongest character in the whole show!

Everything has been building up to this fight since the beginning. This is the anime equivalent of Obi-Wan VS Darth Vader (only just a bit more thrilling). And just like that iconic battle, it is incredibly important for the show going forward. So what did this fight effect?


On one hand, All For One’s defeat is majorly important. His absence drives Shigurake to further heights of villainy, which we will undoubtedly see in season four. Not to mention what his existence may do for the other villains in the series; even if he was defeated, there was a bad guy who nearly defeated ALL MIGHT! Surely that’ll embolden others!

If All Might’s absence doesn’t do the job!

For the entire series, we’ve seen that All Might is the most important character. Now, thanks to All For One, he’s gone! The world’s number one hero is retired! The Symbol of Peace is gone! Every single character, hero or villain, will be affected by this change!

Oh, and did I mention the animation? Because HOLY SHIT THIS FUCKING FIGHT LOOKS GOOD! It has some of the strongest Sakuga this show has ever seen! It is easily one of the best-looking fights in the entire show, beat out only by the #1 on this list! The United States of Smash attack alone is enough to propel this fight to greatness! Just look at this shot!

I’d frame that too!

This is a very important fight. So important in fact that it directly creates the best fight in the series: Deku VS Bakugo Round 2.


This fight is big. Easily the biggest in the whole series, at least for these two characters. This is the only fight that has had more build-up than the All Might VS All For One fight! They’ve been building up to this showdown since the first fucking scene of the entire series!

Practically every major event of the series has added to that buildup. Todoroki giving Deku his all and not giving the same respect to Bakugo, Deku’s well-used time during his internship contrast to Bakugo’s wasted one, Deku passing the Provisional Exam while Bakugo fails, and of course: Deku being chosen by All Might to be his successor. All of these events have built up Bakugo’s anger towards Deku more and more until it came to an explosive climax right here!

Deku isn’t much different. He’s been working his ass off ever since All Might chose him to surpass everyone in his way, especially Bakugo! Kacchan has been Deku’s biggest tormentor and inspiration since they were kids! He has tried his absolute best to surpass the man he calls ‘The Embodiment of Victory’.

For the two main characters of the series, this fight couldn’t be more important! If not for this fight, the two never would have buried the hatchet! They never would have become true rivals and simply would have remained frenemies! Thanks to this fight, these two are now pushing each other to greater heights rather than tearing each other down!

And then there’s the fight! This is where this has the edge over the All Might VS All For One.

Both the animation and the choreography are incredible! Each attack is kinetic, highly animated and full of flare and impact! The use of lighting is amazing, as the show will often use darkness to punctuate the glow of Deku’s lightning and Bakugo’s explosions! Every single shot, every single kick, every single explosion in this fight looks fantastic! Both of them use their powers and combat skills to exceptional degrees!

It may not be an especially long fight. But damn does it use that time well! It is perfectly paced, brilliantly animated, and super important for the story as a whole! It is my absolute favorite fight in the entire series!


And that’s it! Those are my three favorite fights in My Hero Academia! Cherry-picking these three was incredibly difficult, thanks to the massive catalog of amazing fights in this show! Not putting Deku VS Todoroki, any of the Final Exam fights, Deku VS Muscular, or any of the other fights was super hard!

But, as much as I want to, I can’t go and talk about every single fight in the series. Especially not now that the fourth season is here! I need to watch the new episode a couple dozen times!

I don’t have a problem, what are you talking about?

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