The Three Best My Hero Academia Fights (Part 1)

Yes, I am very excited for season four. What gave it away?

As a Shonen battle series, My Hero Academia lives and dies by the strength of its fights. Yes, the characters are great, the music is wonderful, the animation is gorgeous and the pacing is phenomenal. But it is, at its core, an action series.

Luckily, the action in this series is fantastic! Each one perfectly blends story and characters with creative tactics and the aforementioned splendid animation! None of them are very long, but they use the time they’re given perfectly!

But which fights are the best? Which ones had me pumping my fists harder than any other? Which ones had me shed more tears? Today, I want to go over my favorite fights from one of my favorite shows!

*Friendly reminder that everything you read on this website is purely my opinion. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that, but I will just to be safe. Okay and thank you.*

Now, for the sake of time, I’ll only go over three fights here. If I were to go over any more, I’d end up just reviewing every single one in the game. As much as I’d love to, I do need to sleep sometime tonight. Plus, narrowing it down to three makes it far less predictable!

As well as painful for me, because now I have to choose!

Here are my criteria!

  • Animation: What’s a fight if it doesn’t look good?
  • Pacing: Gotta use your time wisely!
  • Creativity: Does the fight properly use each character’s abilities?
  • Plot Relevance: What’s the point of a fight if it doesn’t progress the plot, develop the characters, or change the world?

With all that in mind, let’s get started with my third favorite fight in the series: Deku, Todoroki and Iida VS Stain!

If you didn’t read my ‘My Review Academia’ series, let me catch you up to speed. The Stain arc is easily my favorite arc in the entire show! Not only is Stain the most compelling villain in the series (and he still is in my opinion), but it features some of the strongest moments for Deku, Iida and Todoroki alike!

Let’s set the stage. After his brother is permanently taken out of the hero business, Iida swears revenge on Stain and goes off to hunt him. This takes him to an alleyway where he confronts Stain and quickly ends up cornered. Concerned, both Deku and Todoroki keep an eye on him and, through separate circumstances, find themselves supporting him in the fight against the Hero Killer.

The motivations in this fight are crystal clear. Deku wants to protect Iida, Iida wants revenge, Todoroki wants to take his first true steps towards being the hero he’s always wanted to be (as well as protecting his classmates), and Stain wants to purge those he considers false heroes (which is why he’s gunning for Iida, who came hunting him for the sake of revenge). Each of our hero’s motivations perfectly clashes with Stains, making the proceeding conflict inevitable.

The fight itself is perfectly paced! Each exchange is brutal and quick, moving seamlessly to the next with extreme speed! At the same time, it gives the viewer just enough time to breathe and process what just happened. The battle whisks you along quickly while safely managing to avoid giving you whiplash.

Each moment also perfectly utilizes each character’s unique abilities and skills! Deku and Stain’s quick wits and speed go head-to-head in an incredibly engaging chess match! Todoroki’s balance between using fire for offense and ice for defense is pushed to its limits against Stain’s creativity. Iida’s reckless speed and sheer force play off of Deku and Todoroki’s more tactical methods perfectly! Our heroes work together in an effective, creative and interesting way! And Stain perfectly pushes them to their limits!

And the animation! Oh my god, this shit is gorgeous! It never reaches the same insane heights that the Deku VS Todoroki fight did just one arc prior. But holy fuck this fight looks good!

Best of all: it has some major effects on the world and characters from here forward! Because of Stain’s antics, several other villains have emerged from the shadows to face our heroes! Iida’s resolve to be a true hero has been ironed out to an insane degree! Shigurake realizes what he must do and takes his first steps as a true villain! Stain’s effects on the world of Hero Aca as a whole cannot be understated!

All in all, this is a fantastic fight. The writing is excellent, the battle itself is perfectly paced and brilliantly animated, and the effects it has on the world going forward are massive! This is easily one of the best fights in the entire series!


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