My Review Academia: Seasons 1 Through 3 (Watch This Anime!)

After over a year, my journey through My Hero Academia has come to an end. My series, My Review Academia, has officially reviewed every piece of animated content for MHA, from all three seasons to the movie. At long last, I am free from the obligation to wake up every Saturday and watch one of my favorite anime.

What a curse I have finally been relieved from.

Today, as a momentary send off to the longest running series I’ve written yet, I’m going to take a hard look at every season of the show. From that, I’ll decide which ones were the best. This isn’t gospel, of course, it’s entirely my opinion. Feel free to let me know which season was your favorite.

With that in mind, let’s get started!

Season 1: A Solid, But Rough, Start

The first season is incredibly charming. It is a perfect introduction to the world and characters in terms of writing. However, it does suffer from a few issues in its production.

The animation in the first season is incredibly rough. Most of the time, it is acceptable and pleasing. But in the more grandiose moments, such as All Might’s fight with the Nomu, it becomes hilariously bad! Especially when compared to the peaks that we’d reach in the later seasons!

The pacing can also be really wonky, especially in the first two episodes. They’re filled with tons of cramming, such as flashbacks to scenes we’d just seen happen five minutes ago, to pad out the run time. It isn’t as egregious as the later episodes of Naruto: Shippuden (wanna watch that scene where Obito gets crushed for the thirty-second time?!), but it can be annoying.

It is good. But compared to what we’d get later, it is really rough.

Season 3: So Close to Perfection

This season has everything that made the show beloved in spades. The animation is stellar, the pacing is close to perfection, and it has some of the strongest moments in the whole story! If not for a few minor issues, it would be the best season of the show!

For one, the animation is a step down from the second season. It’s still amazing, don’t get me wrong. But remember: most of the talented animators for the series were working on the movie when this season was in production. Because of this, the animation quality, while still really good overall, wasn’t as consistent as its predecessor.

Holy shit though, does it look good at it’s peak!

The pacing is also a little rougher. This is thanks to the filler. The exam arc of this season is especially plagued by this, as there are plenty of added scenes that weren’t in the manga. Worse yet, right in the middle of the arc’s climactic battle, we get a pointless filler episode that only served as an ad for the movie.

It is a great season. It’s a ton of fun to watch, regardless of its issues. But compared to the top of this list, it can’t keep up. Speaking of which!

Season 2: Be Honest, You Knew It’d Be Here

With this season, My Hero Academia went from a decent bit of Shounen fun into a world wide cultural phenomenon!

Everything in this season is perfect! The pacing is flawless! The animation is absolutely incredible! It has the strongest moments in the whole story, from the fight scenes to the smaller, more dramatic scenes!

The list of spectacular moments is absolutely huge! The race, the cavalry battle, Uraraka’s fight with Bakugo, Deku’s fight with Todoroki, literally everything with Stain, All Might VS Deku and Bakugo, and Deku’s meeting with Shigurake in the mall are all just a few of this season’s best moments! Every episode of this season has at least one scene of powerful, effective story telling! This season is nearly perfect in every way!


With that, we’re finally done. My Review Academia is officially over. It’ll be back come time for season four, of course. But it still feels weird knowing that, after over a year of doing this consistently, I’m done. Now I’ve got to wait another four months before I can rant about my current favorite anime again!

Regardless of where I put the seasons on this list, I love every single one of them. My Hero Academia is an incredible series, and the quality seems to only go up more and more!

Unless the series fucks up really badly sometime in the future, this series will be around for a long time! And I’ll be with it right up to the end! I hope you guys will join me for the remainder of this journey!

I also hope that you avoid spoiling anything from the manga. I prefer to watch the anime without knowing where it’s going. They make for stronger reviews, if you ask me.

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