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  • My Review Academia S5 E25 FINALE: Calm Before the War

    My Review Academia S5 E25 FINALE: Calm Before the War

    Well, here we are folks. The end of season five. Will it go out on a bang? Or a whimper? We open with Hawks observing Shigurake’s rise to power in stunned horror. A month later, we rejoin the kids of Class A as they show off what they’ve learned in their recent study. Together, they […]

  • My Review Academia S5 E24: Freedom of the Demon King

    As a whole, My Villain Academia has been incredibly rushed and the visuals have been pretty up and down. But at least they managed to stick the landing. And hoo boy, what a landing it turned out to be! The last of Shigurake’s memories return. With them, the last mental restraints he has placed on […]

  • My Review Academia S5 E23: The Tragedy of Tenko Shimura

    Buckle up, everyone. This is a gruesome one. The League’s battle continues. Spinner faces off against a power-boosting politician in a desperate attempt to help his friends. Meanwhile, Shigurake’s power continues to grow as he faces off with Re-Destro. More terrifying yet: his backstory finally comes to light. Right of the bat, this episode has […]

  • My Review Academia S5 E22: Parade

    This whole arc is gonna feel rushed like this, isn’t it? I mean, we’re two episodes in and we’re already nearing the climax! The battle against the Metahuman Liberation Army and the League of Villains continues. An ambushed Twice struggles with the ghosts of his past as his foes attempt to kill Toga. Meanwhile, Shigurake […]

  • My Review Academia S5 E21: Become What I Love

    Sorry I’m a day late on this one. I had just gotten back from camping yesterday and I forgot that a new episode had come out. The battle between the League of Villains and the Metahuman Liberation Army begins. However, the odds immediately begin to tip away from our villains, as the new villains have […]