Endgame: Eleven Years Paid Off *SPOILER FREE* (Movie Monday)

Eleven years. Over twenty movies. The childhoods of millions, including the latter portion of myself, have been building up to this. But when you’ve been building up to this for so long, how could you possibly live up to the expectations? It seems completely impossible!

Well, you start by making the movie three hours. Then you cram in as much fan service as you possibly can. Follow that up with a ball busting finale and tear jerking final ten minutes, and bang! You did it!

Good god, where do I even begin? There is so much to talk about in this movie! And unfortunately, I can’t talk about it without spoiling the whole damn thing! And the spoiler version isn’t until next week! How can I possibly write this?

Like this.

Plot: The End of an Era

After the events of Infinity War, our remaining heroes reconvene and put a plan together to defeat Thanos and undo the damage he caused.

And that’s where the plot synopsis ends. If I were to go into any further detail, I’d start going into spoilers. I’m sure most, if not all, of the people interested in seeing this movie have already seen it. I mean, just look at where it is on the box office world records (as of 5/6/19). But I still feel I should be considerate of those who still haven’t seen it.

Screenshot (4)
Watch out, Avatar!

You’d think a movie that’s three hours would struggle with the pacing. But frankly? It’s pacing is nigh perfect! Everything moves along smoothly, and it keeps the audience’s attention from start to end! For the majority of the run time, each character gets a fair share of screen time and development. However, the movie does start to struggle when the finale rolls around.

Though given how amazing literally everything else in that finale was, I can’t say it was a major complaint.

In terms of plot, this was the best way to wrap up the first era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is a send off to the era that I spent most of my life in! Most of the characters get a perfect send off, and those that don’t are set up for their future adventures perfectly! It is, in my opinion (which is what you’re here for, I hope), the strongest Marvel story in the whole MCU.

A story is only as good as it’s ending, after all.

The rest is as great as the Marvel standard. The script is great, perfectly balancing powerful drama with quip-based comedy. Every single actor is doing a phenomenal job as always. The movie brings it’s A game in practically every department.

This is the biggest film of the 21st century. Marvel knows it. And they’re living up to it.

Visuals: Every Frame a Painting

A few months ago, I did a marathon of all the Marvel movies that were out at the time. I discussed all the films from Iron Man 1 to Ant-Man and the Wasp. And in every single film, I complained about the MCU’s average-at-best cinematography. Marvel had an okay grasp of the language of film. But none of them were truly exceptional.

Until now. There were several shots in this movie that weren’t just creative and interesting. They actively made my jaw drop! It’s been ages since I actively said “WHOA!” at a shot in a movie! It was genuinely amazing!

I really shouldn’t have to say that the visual effects in the film were fantastic, but… well, it’s a Marvel movie. Of course the CGI is amazing! It’s still above most Marvel films, but it’s not exceptionally far from them, like the cinematography is.

Movies, at their core, are a visual medium. If the visuals are weak, then the whole film will lag behind. Luckily, Endgame has decided to bring it’s A+ game. This may not sound all that impressive. But when you consider that the rest of the series has ranged from a C to a B+, an A+ is incredible.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the Star Wars of the children of the 21st century. However, Marvel has set a far greater standard and scale than Star Wars could have dreamed of in it’s heyday. And also unlike Star Wars, it’s grand finale proved itself as far from disappointing!

Sorry Return of the Jedi.

Avengers: Endgame is the biggest film to come out since the turn of the century. It didn’t disappoint; it completely surpassed all expectations! It’s not the best film of all time. But it is certainly the biggest. This is the culmination of childhoods all across the world, and will be a major part of many to come.

I’d highly recommend Avengers: Endgame. It is a fantastic time, whether you’re a huge Marvel fan or just a casual movie goer. It stands as the largest film in years, and likely will for many years to come.

Suck it, Avatar!

Now, my discussion on Endgame isn’t quite done yet. There is a lot left in this movie that I want to talk about! But that will have to wait until next week, when we have our spoiler discussion. I hope to see you there!

And if you haven’t seen the film by then… sorry, I guess.

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