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  • Let’s Talk About Phase 4 (Marvel)

    Let’s Talk About Phase 4 (Marvel)

    For the last thirteen years, Marvel has more or less dominated cinema. For better… and for worse. Still, for a while, it was really cool! An interconnected series of films spanning over a decade, all building up to a grand conclusion against an ultimate evil! Say what you will about Infinity War and Endgame, but […]

  • Is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Really That Bad?

    Is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Really That Bad?

    Alright. Here it is. The bad Spider-Man movie. And not the fun kinda bad, like Spider-Man 3. I mean the bad kinda bad. But… is it really that bad? Or did this one just get the internet’s ire without deserving it? Nah, this movie stinks. It’s graduation time, and Peter Parker’s life as Spider-Man is […]

  • Spider-Man 3: Meme or Masterpiece?

    Spider-Man 3: Meme or Masterpiece?

    Seeing the odd resurgence this movie has made over the last few years has been equal parts interesting and hilarious. Mostly because of all the ‘Bully Maguire’ memes. I can never get tired of those, they give me life. Spider-Man 3 is a very different movie from the first two. Unlike its predecessors, wherein director […]

  • Spider-Man 2: Meme or Masterpiece?

    Spider-Man 2: Meme or Masterpiece?

    A large number of people will claim that this is the best Spider-Man movie. Even now, coming on eighteen years later, this is widely seen as the gold standard. As soon as a trailer drops for a new Spidey flick, the comparisons will begin. Always. Without fail. So, are they right to do so? Is […]

  • Spider-Man (2002): Meme or Masterpiece?

    Spider-Man (2002): Meme or Masterpiece?

    These last few years have proven good for Spider-Man fans. And that good fortune doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon! Unless No Way Home is actually trash and Across the Spider-Verse somehow flops. But I don’t want to fear for the future. Instead, we’ll have a look at the past. The Sam Raimi […]