The Seventh Doctor: The Master Planner

After a brief hiatus, wherein the producers tried their best to cancel the show, Doctor Who once again returned. Unfortunately, due to the demands of the higher ups, Colin Baker was not allowed to return as the Doctor. So instead, we got a rushed regeneration and an introduction to a brand new iteration. One that would see the show through to its eventual end.

Well, it’s first end. Before the movie. And before the new show.

Luckily, despite the show’s rapidly decreasing budget and its self-destructive producers, the seventh Doctor still managed to deliver a performance every bit as captivating and enjoyable as his predecessors. It was also the longest, in a roundabout sort of way. If you count his time in the extended media during the Wilderness Years (we’ll get to that), then the seventh Doctor lasted for ages!

It’s understandable why. The seventh Doctor was one of the most fun iterations of the character to date! Goofy and fond of cheap magic tricks, he was a lot like your fun grandpa.

If your fun grandpa was also a master manipulator and strategist.

See, the seventh Doctor was a schemer. His approach to dealing with his enemies is to outthink and outmaneuver them as to make them destroy themselves. He literally started a Dalek civil war in one storyline! Man is more cunning than any version of the character to date!

He was also among the most bold. This is where the Doctor’s signature confidence shines its brightest. Man could get shot at and the first thing he would do is walk right up to the shooter and call him out for all his BS! Dude was a badass and he knew it.

How he managed to be so cool while walking around with a question mark vest and umbrella, I’ll never know.

All of this was brought to life wonderfully by Sylvester McCoy. His performance was always so bright and energetic and full of life and charm. It only made it all the more powerful when he got serious. Whenever he was around, it was always a delight.

Unfortunately, the seventh Doctor couldn’t defeat the series’ ultimate enemy: the producers. Eventually, the classic series was cancelled and the seventh was forced to hang up his hat and umbrella. Thankfully, the series would stay alive through the extended media, allowing the seventh to carry on for many more adventures.

At least, until a certain movie came out and brought his tenure to an abrupt, unfortunate end.

Next week’s article is gonna get wild.

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