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  • Rewriting the 13th Doctor (Doctor Who)

    Rewriting the 13th Doctor (Doctor Who)

    One of the most interesting aspects of Doctor Who as a show is the concept of regeneration. For those unfamiliar with the series, whenever the main character, the Doctor, is fatally wounded, they change every cell in their body, becoming a whole new person. This allows new actors to take the character’s role and the […]

  • The Future of Doctor Who is Getting Interesting

    Growing up, Doctor Who was my favorite TV show. It’s a staple franchise for my family; we’d always watch the new episodes together, all the way from 2005 to 2015. From the classic series to the current show, this goofy sci-fi program was always something special to me. As time went on, however, my interest […]

  • Let’s Fix Ryan From Doctor Who (Seasons 11 & 12)

    When doing these character analyses, I generally stick to characters that are well written. Simply because a well written character has more depth to them than a poorly written one, and therefor have more to discuss. I’ve broken down a few negative characters, but I prefer to stay positive. It’s more fun to appreciate a […]

  • Doctor Who Season Five: The Peak

    Doctor Who Season Five: The Peak

    Hope you’ve got some time on your hands. Cause this one is gonna be long. Season five marked a dramatic turning point for Doctor Who. Pretty much everything in this season was new! New Doctor, new companion, new Tardis, new Sonic Screwdriver, new show-runner, new (better) music, even a new opening credit sequence! Everything was brand […]

  • Doctor Who Specials: Last Bridge Before Season Five

    Doctor Who Specials: Last Bridge Before Season Five

    This one should hopefully not take too long. There are only four episodes to talk about. Granted, they’re long episodes! They’re basically movies! But that hasn’t stopped me before! To be fair, I haven’t done it before, but we’ll see how it goes! There was a long gap between seasons four and five. One that my small-child self felt […]