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  • Bart Simpson: Then and Now

    One of the primary factors that made the Simpsons so beloved back in the day was its at-the-time edgy humor. The show used to make some really scathing points with some of its jokes. As time progressed, however, that edge was gradually softened until we reached the point we’re at now, where it basically doesn’t […]

  • Marge Simpson: Then and Now

    Poor Julie Kavner. You can hear how hard it is for her to do the Marge voice in the Modern seasons. Just let the lady retire before her throat gives out! Marge has always been one of my least favorite Simpsons characters. Not to say she’s bad by any means. Her stories just never really […]

  • Homer Simpson: Then and Now

    Homer Simpson: Then and Now

    Time is the mortal enemy of comedy. That, and repetition. The longer and more frequently a joke is used, the quicker its humor fades. So what does that mean for a show as long-running as the Simpsons? The once beloved American comedy has been squeezed so dry there’s not a drop of life left in […]

  • Why Makima is Terrifying (Chainsaw Man Season 1)

    Why Makima is Terrifying (Chainsaw Man Season 1)

    *Note: this article is being written by an anime-only viewer of Chainsaw Man. The manga may disprove or further the points made here, or I could simply get some things wrong. I’m simply sharing my reactions to the character and analyzing why I feel she’s awesome and terrifying. Feel free to correct me if I […]

  • The Missed Potential of Togata Mirio (My Hero Academia)

    The Missed Potential of Togata Mirio (My Hero Academia)

    When Togata Mirio was first introduced at the end of My Hero Academia’s third season, he made an immediate impact on the fans! He was cool, he was charming, his design was unique, it was all perfect! Everyone was excited to see more of him! Come the beginning of season four, we got what we […]