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Hikigaya Hachiman: A Martyr Alone

If you haven't watched My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU yet, you probably should before reading this. It's in its third and final (I think?) season, so now is the time. The spoilers here will be huge. This is your only warning. My problem with rom-com protagonists is that they often suffer from a lack of depth.… Continue reading Hikigaya Hachiman: A Martyr Alone

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343 Doesn’t Get the Master Chief

I was going to wait until my Halo 3 review to talk about this series again. But I just couldn't help myself. There's been something on my mind for a little while now and I just had to talk about it. When Bungie stepped away from Halo and left it to 343, there was a noticeable… Continue reading 343 Doesn’t Get the Master Chief

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Genthru: HunterxHunter’s Least Interesting Villain

It's amazing the things you can get done in quarantine when you're bored. I've finished several games, watched and rewatched many shows, and gotten more writing done than I've managed in a while. I've even managed to get around to revisiting some stories I've dropped for a while! Including a modern shounen classic: HunterxHunter! Or… Continue reading Genthru: HunterxHunter’s Least Interesting Villain

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Maiden Astraea: Are You the Hero?

You know what I love about the Souls games? Consequences. Particularly with the characters. If you save one dude, he'll either help you out or he'll completely fuck you over. It gives the world a sense of realism like it's functioning with or without you. Plus, it makes you paranoid when interacting with new characters.… Continue reading Maiden Astraea: Are You the Hero?

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The Genius of Kill La Kill’s Nui Harime

Originally, I was going to write this as a little preview for my Kill La Kill review (which I'll link to at the bottom of this; it's one of my personal favorites). But then I forgot because I'm a dumb-dumb. So I'm gonna do it now that I've remembered it. I'm only, what, three months… Continue reading The Genius of Kill La Kill’s Nui Harime