John Wick: Chapter 2 is Amazing

With the fourth film in the franchise finally dropping in theaters, I figured it was high time to return to the John Wick series. Because let’s be honest: we have had a concerning lack of Keanu Reeves on this blog.

Also, Lance Reddick. RIP, Charon. You were my favorite character and one of the best actors to grace this series.

Picking up shortly after the end of the first movie, we rejoin John Wick as he reclaims his car and puts an end to that business. Unfortunately, he can’t just return to the peaceful life he knew before. Santino D’Antonio appears at his door to cash in a favor John owes him. His new mission: assassinate Santino’s sister. Soon, John finds himself embroiled in a conflict that will shake this world of assassins. Can even he get out of this one alive?

Much like the first movie, John Wick: Chapter 2 doesn’t take itself too seriously. While it does have some smarter stuff going on under the hood, it’s number one focus at all times is to deliver a cool and fun experience for the viewer. And in that respect, this movie is phenomenal!

The first John Wick alluded to the hidden depths of the assassin’s organization at the heart of this world. Here, in Chapter 2, we take a deep dive into that aspect. Turns out, it’s less of an organization and more like it’s own world! There are tons of different factions, each with their own interpretation of the rules they all play by. There’s a ruthless sort of honor to everything these characters do and it’s fascinating!

As for the characters, they’re all pretty good. Santino is a wonderful antagonist; at first, he’s a genuine menace, but when his back is against the wall, he devolves into a child hiding behind his parents. All the assassins John faces against are somewhat lacking in terms of personality, but they’re all passable; you understand why they hate John and it’s always cool whenever they pop up.

And of course, there’s Charon. He was the best in the first movie and he’s still the best here. Turns out, Lance Reddick playing a polite dog lover is an automatic win. Again: RIP.

What really struck me about this movie was the ending. Not only was John’s final act genuinely stunning, but it leaves off on what may be the best cliffhanger I’ve ever seen! It sets the stage for the third film so perfectly that I scrambled to watch that one the instant I was finished with this one!

It certainly helps that this movie is drop dead gorgeous! Some of its visuals are genuinely jaw-dropping! The entire battle in the hall of mirrors had me gaping like a moron the whole time!

The special effects are a highlight as well. Namely in that you’ll barely even notice it. No CGI in your face, as is to be expected from Hollywood. Most of the time, these effects are reserved for the occasional bit of gore, which is so minimal that it makes the film’s bloodier moments stand out all the more.

Finally, we have the action choreography. How does Chapter 2 follow-up the insane fighting and kills from the first movie? By upping the anti in just about every regard! John Wick has some crazy kills, including but not limited to the pencil kill both movies have joked about!

Well, they do say the pen is mightier than the sword.

I’ll see myself out.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is amazing. It’s a perfect follow-up to the first film and it’s a badass action flick in its own right. Watching it was a delight from beginning to end.

Now, it’s time for Chapter 3. Which is somehow even more insane than this one.

Man, these movies are fucking crazy!

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