Remember When Illumination Ruined the Grinch?

Yay! More ruined Suess stories! And just in time for Christmas!

Just pretend this article came out a month ago…

You know how the story goes. The Grinch is a grumpy old Scrooge who hates Christmas so he decides to ruin it. Hijinks ensue before he learns the true meaning of the holiday and becomes a better, kinder person.

Now just pad it out with a bunch of obnoxious crap to fill out the runtime. God forbid you make a short and focused movie that delivers on everything that made the original work a staple of the holiday. You’ve got to fill it up with headache inducing attempts at slapstick comedy. Otherwise, the kids might learn something!

Well, at least they didn’t completely butcher the message of the original story like the Lorax did. They just diluted it. Made it less powerful or interesting.

Honestly, what even is there to say about the writing? If you saw the Lorax, you know what to expect from this movie. It’s an Illumination Dr. Suess movie. More of what we already got.

A sentiment I can extend towards the presentation. I know Illumination is all about cost-effective animation, but you’d think they’d at least buy a new computer! This looks just about the same as the Lorax!

And don’t ask me to talk about the music. It’s bad. You know it’s bad. That’s never going to change.

I don’t want to talk about this movie any longer than I already have, so let’s just wrap it up. The Grinch is not a good movie. Like the Lorax, it takes a classic story and dumbs it down with unnecessary padding and obnoxious nonsense. If you love the nasty old Grinch, just watch the animated special from the 60s.

Christ, you could go watch the Jim Carrey version and have a better time than this…

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