My Review Academia S6 E13: The First Storm Passes

With this, the first cour of My Hero’s sixth season comes to a close. The battle is over. And the war is just beginning.

So, did we end this arc with a bang or a whimper? Let’s find out.

The curtains are closing, but the fighting isn’t done yet. Just as it seems the League is defeated, Mr. Compress goes beyond to save his friends. With everyone injured and the villains escaping, will our heroes be able to squeeze out a victory? Or will this battle end without a victor?

Before I talk about my largest complaint, let’s go through all the good stuff. Trust me: I’ll be complaining plenty enough later on.

Animation-wise, this episode was extremely solid. There are some good shots in this episode! Nothing especially incredible, but it all looks above average for this season. The only ugly shots are those reused from the last episode.

Musically, this one is pretty good too. It brings back a lot of the best tracks from previous seasons. I’m not sure if using Might U for the final scene was the best idea, but it still worked decently well.

I love how genuinely brutal this whole war has felt. When characters take a hit, you can feel how much it hurts. This all culminates really well in this episode. All is said and done and everyone is down for the count. As the camera pans around to all our injured heroes and even our fallen villains, you can’t help but wonder: did anyone actually win?

Okay, now it’s time to complain.

The opening scene of this episode baffled me. See, one of the major scenes cut out from My Villain Academia was the struggle of the Villain League. In the manga, we saw them fight lesser villain groups for money, and even then struggle to keep themselves afloat. In season five, when this arc was adapted, this content was cut. Now, it’s been resurrected as the opening scene of this episode.

Why? At this point, why even bother with it? It no longer does what it needed to do in the arc it was supposed to be in and it doesn’t add anything to the arc it’s been added into! I get that they were trying to show why Compress loved the League, but how does showing a scene that was supposed to further Spinner’s arc going to accomplish that?!

All it does is cut into Compress’s actual finale. Which is actually really cool! This dude uses the fact that he’s basically been a background character up to this point to pull a UNO reverse card. If it weren’t for the wasted flashback, it would’ve been awesome!

I am confused. And mad. And disappointed. But mostly mad.

Putting that aside – with great effort – this episode was still fairly strong. This arc didn’t have the most satisfying conclusion, but that’s kind of the point. Everyone is beaten, wounded, and exhausted. It’s a bad time for everyone.

And it’s only going to get worse.

I hope I’m not talking about the show’s quality.

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