My Review Academia S6 E10: Predecessors and a Question

I was so excited to see Deku go berserk and it lasted all of one minute. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Deku and Shigurake face off in the worlds of One For All and All For One, where they both meet the ghosts of the past. Meanwhile, Himiko Toga ambushes Uraraka in search of the answer to a question.

Inconsistent is the best word to describe this episode. That, and padded. There are so many flashbacks that it kills the pacing, the animation is either spectacular or stiff and lifeless, and the story leaves much to be desired. It has its moments, but overall it’s a big mess.

Starting off with the positives: I enjoyed the Deku/Shigurake showdown quite a bit. Seeing All For One, Nana Shimura, and the One For All’s first user again was a treat. Its conclusion wasn’t particularly satisfying, but it was still a cool scene.

Even if AFO spent most of it monologuing about genetics and organ transplants.

Secondly, the scene with Toga and Uraraka was great. It’s nice to finally see Uraraka take the spotlight this season, and Toga’s appearance was positively chilling. That scene in the house did a masterful job of building tension. It even has some of the best animation in the episode; why the animators went so hard on an old lady running, I’ll never know.

They cared more about that then Shigurake’s physical meltdown last time. It would be funny if it weren’t so disappointing.

Cool as that stuff is, though, it’s bogged down by all the unnecessary flashbacks and expositionary dialogue. This episode spends so much of its runtime explaining things the audience already understands and showing scenes that we’ve already seen plenty of times before. It bogs down the whole experience, butchering the pacing completely!

This episode has some really strong moments. The complete package, however, is wildly inconsistent. Hopefully this will just be a misstep and they’ll bring their A-game to the next few episodes. This arc opened with a bang; it isn’t too late for them to close on one.

And now we get to wait for next week, in which we’ll be treated to the most obvious and predictable plot twist since Tobi revealed himself as Obito.

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