My Review Academia S6 E4: Waking a Nightmare

Two solid episodes in a row. Season six has been on an upward climb lately! Let’s just hope it keeps going.

An enraged Dabi unleashes his sorrow and fury on Hawks. In the midst of his savage onslaught, he reveals a shocking truth to the hero. Meanwhile, Endeavor rushes to support Mirko, who comes face-to-face with the sleeping Shigurake.

The first chunk of this episode is the weakest, without a doubt. Not that it’s bad, but it’s definitely the lowest point. Dabi’s dialogue is silenced to further extend the mystery behind his identity, even though it’s pretty obvious to anyone with a brain who he is. Worse, there’s a flashback to Stain that added nothing to the episode beyond adding to the runtime.

“Hey, remember the best villain from the series? Remember season two? Well, that’s got nothing to do with this. But do you remember it? We do!”

Luckily, once we turn to Mirko and Endeavor, things take a noticeable step up. It’s a hectic all-out brawl with half a dozen heroes and monsters all duking it out. Holding it all together is one objective: keep Shigurake from waking up. It’s a surprisingly tense scene, with a lot of cool back and forth between heroes and villains.

Even if it’s pretty obvious how it’s going to end. But as obvious as the true conclusion is, it’s still well-earned when we finally get there. We’re treated to a pretty mind-bending horror scene, then the episode wraps up on a strong cliffhanger.

Animation-wise, this episode is very strong. It looks decent at its worst and amazing at its best. Better yet, the strange editing from the last episode is gone, so it all flows together much more smoothly. This whole episode just looks really good!

While it didn’t get off to a strong start, this week’s My Hero certainly ended on a high note. Visually and narratively, it’s all pretty good. If the rest of the season can keep this up, then we’re in for a solid time.

But I’ve said the same thing about the last two seasons and we all know how that turned out…

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