My Review Academia S6 E2: Mirko and Charge

This episode had some hype going into it. Definitely not because people were horny for Mirko. Nope. Totally not that. People were just really excited for the fight scenes. Yeah, that’s it.

The battle between Heroes and Villains is heating up. Beneath the hospital, number five hero Mirko confronts the High-End Nomus. Meanwhile, Kaminari steps up to the plate, mustering his courage with a certain someone in his heart.

While not as consistent as the previous episode, this one is still pretty solid. Its most significant issue is that it’s all over the place. Pacing-wise and animation-wise, it all just feels like a mess.

This episode can be divided into three parts. Part one stars Mirko in a pretty sick fight scene. Part two stars Deku and friends in the evacuation effort. Finally, part three focuses on Kaminari as he deals with his issues. This would be fine if they were equal in quality. Alas, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Everything focusing on Mirko is pretty cool. Her fight scene is brutal, her voice actor is doing a phenomenal job, and the animation of her fighting is pretty badass. Unfortunately, it focuses just as much on Crust as it does Mirko, and Crust is a) boring and b) annoying.

Deku’s scene is definitely the weakest. The animation dips to the lowest we see in the episode, and nothing interesting happens. Bakugo yells at a house. That’s about it.

Kaminari’s plot was decent. Seeing him overcome his anxiety is satisfying, the animation is pretty great all around, and his big hero moment is pretty good. We even get a bit of romance to spice things up. If the dialogue weren’t so awkward, it would have been the episode’s highlight.

Midnight’s encouraging line was superb. But did we have to hear it again literally one line later? It’s been ten seconds; we haven’t forgotten what she said already.

As I said, this episode was messy. Everything was inconsistent, from the writing to the animation. But it wasn’t unbearably awful at any point. For every bit of rough animation, we got a moment of badass sakuga. It wasn’t rock solid, but it was still good.

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