Writer’s Diary August 2021 Update

Productivity has been inconsistent since the last update. Up until a few days ago, it had been very slow. But as of the turn of the month, progress has been accelerating.

Let’s start with Energia. This Sunday, the final chapter of this arc will be released. After that, there will be two interlude chapters before we launch into the next arc. How long that one will last, I do not know. I’m still working out the fine details. But I do have a general outline of the plot itself.

After the monster attack in the Israeli District, tensions in Unity are high. In response, ORDER makes a surprise announcement: all ORDER Operatives will participate in a tournament for all the city to see! Many see this is a show of power to reassure the people. But Anna and her fellow ORDER initiates see it as an opportunity. Determined to raise her position, Anna steps up to challenge every Operative, from old rivals to new foes.

Yes, the next Energia arc will be a tournament arc. It will continue to divide time between all four main characters, those being Anna, Tommy, Eitan, and Hinata. Further details of the tournament itself will be revealed throughout the arc itself. I’ll be primarily taking inspiration from stories like the Hunter Exam from Hunter X Hunter and the Triwizard Tournament from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Many elements will be reminiscent of Energia’s first arc, the ORDER Entrance Exam. I hope you’re looking forward to it.

Now, moving onto Threads of Reality. Editing continues to be slow, but steady. My main issue is that the ladder half of the story requires a ton of editing. Scenes need to be completely reworked, cut out, and new ones need to be added. The ending of the edited draft is going to look completely different from the rough draft.

In other words: it’s going to be actually good. I hope.

As for numbers, they go as follows:

  • Total pages: 308
  • Currently working on page: 199
  • Word count: 155574
  • Number of chapters: 16 + prologue + epilogue

I have also once again changed the title of the story. First, it was Tides of Change. Then it was The Approaching Storm. Both titles seemed fine, but they didn’t quite seem right to me the more I thought on them.

Luckily, I think I found the right one. The new title will be Threads of Reality: Shadows of Revolution.

But a title still doesn’t mean much if you don’t know what the story is even about. Luckily, the plot of this first book is finally set in stone; it just needs to be completed. Which is why I’m finally comfortable in actually sharing plot details with you guys!

The map of the world of Threads of Reality; further updates including cities, borders, and landmarks will be added after the edited draft is concluded

The continent of Baridar stands on the precipice of war. The great forest kingdom of Alinorch has destroyed the land of Harinal and conquered the eternal rains of Xandem. Now, they stand poised for battle with the countries of Elvatia and Barbara, as well as a group of rebels called the Purification Army.

Far to the west, in the small country of Freln, Daria Nobel yearns to escape her small hometown and see the world beyond. On the dawn of the new year, during the Festival of Tides, she meets Richen and Nileth, two soldiers of the Purification Army aiming to ally themselves with the king of Freln. When assassins of Alinorch try to kill the queen of Freln, Daria finds herself swept up in a conflict that has been building since the birth of the young kingdom.

Meanwhile, the east, the gears of war slowly turn. Princess Hashel Xandem and her two retainers work to assassinate the Alinorch general controlling a key city to the Purification Army’s war effort. In a city in Alinorch, general Yukoa chases the trail of a mysterious thief who leaves his stolen goods torn apart and broken in the street. All the while, the Emperor of Alinorch himself, Willith Alinorch, discovers an issue in a recent financial report that has disturbing implications regarding his trusted council.

Each chapter of the story is divided between three perspective characters. In one chapter, you’ll get an episode of the unfolding story in Freln shared between Daria, Richen, and Nileth. In another, you’ll get the individual stories of Hashel, Yukoa, and Willith. The chapters focused on the ladder three chapters will be complete stories in themselves, but will be more focused on setting up events in books to come.

I’ll reveal more details on each of these characters and their stories in future Writer’s Diaries. Until then, I hope you look forward to meeting them and seeing where their stories begin. Personally, I’ve come to love all six of these characters. I can only hope that you guys feel the same.

Now, as for the blog itself: things will continue as they are for a time. However, I will be taking a week long break at the end of October going into November for a vacation. There will be no releases on the blog from October 31st to November 6th. After that, regular content will resume.

That will do it for now. I hope you guys are as excited as I am for what is to come. Thank you so much for your continued support!

See you later!

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