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  • The Lost Metal: End of the Second Era

    *Spoilers for The Lost Metal ahead. If you haven’t read it yet, proceed with caution.* Era two of Mistborn has been an interesting reading experience. One full of wild ups and downs. It’s expanded upon the first series in some unique, sometimes downright bizarre ways. And now we reach the end. The fourth and final […]

  • Poirot Mysteries: The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge

    Poirot Mysteries: The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge

    Another day, another murder. How Poirot does this without his soul withering away, I’ll never know. A wealthy man is murdered in his nephew’s lodge at the hands of a mysterious bearded stranger. Distraught, the nephew seeks Poirot’s aid in the case. Problem is, the great detective is bedridden with influenza! Can Hastings handle this […]

  • At the Mountains of Madness: Captivating Yet Dull

    Everyone makes fun of H.P. Lovecraft for his use of ‘it was too horrible to describe.’ And honestly, I feel that’s unfair. The man was very descriptive. Sometimes too descriptive. If you’re gonna mock him for anything, it should be the racism. The story focuses on William Dyer, a professor at Arkham’s Miskatonic University as […]

  • Writer’s Diary: January 2023 Update

    Congratulations everyone! We survived 2022! And we’re still alive a week and a half into 2023! Hooray! The Illumination Marathon continues with the movie review slot. Thankfully, we’re finally done with the ‘Despicable Me’ stuff. Unfortunately, now that means we get to talk about such movies as ‘Sing’ and ‘Secret Life of Pets’, and let’s […]

  • Poirot Mysteries: The Adventure of the Cheap Flat

    Poirot Mysteries: The Adventure of the Cheap Flat

    Well, this one may not be a gem, but it’s still pretty good! An associate of Hastings has managed to find a flat for a dirt cheap price. But there are multiple curious oddities about the place. More than enough to pique Poirot’s interest. Just what is going on with this cheap flat? This one […]