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  • Shadows of Self: On Gods and Assassins

    Era two of Mistborn got off to a rocky start. Alloy of Law isn’t a bad book by any means, but it couldn’t quite reach the same heights that the era one books did. But maybe book two will help put things on the right track! Now deputized, Wax and Wayne continue to tackle crime […]

  • How I Started Reading More

    Modern life is filled with distractions. Movies and shows to watch, games to play, work to do. With all of that, it can be difficult to sit back in silence and read a book. After high school, I pretty much stopped reading for a while. I wanted to read; I still had dozens of books […]

  • Alloy of Law: Welcome to the Future

    The first trilogy of Mistborn books is one of my favorite works from any author. It’s a fantastic story that perfectly showcases Sanderson’s strengths as a writer. Few stories left me as satisfied as it did. Then I found out that there was more. And after a substantial wait, I’m finally ready to tackle it. […]

  • Voyage of the Dawntreader: One Piece, Narnia Edition

    Man, I’ve had this one on the backburner for a while. Well, better late than never. So we return to the Narnia series. A classic fantasy that most people are familiar with, but only as far as the first book or two (not the actual second book, but the second book that focuses on the […]

  • The Hunger of the Gods: Bones, Flesh, and Vengeance

    In case you didn’t read last week’s review on ‘The Shadow of the Gods’, here’s a quick TL;DR: Norse-inspired fantasy trilogy, excellent first book, go read it if you love weird monsters, violence, and rounded characters. Got all that? Good. And once again I’m going to misspell everything because I’m a dummy dumb-dumb, I’m so […]