Introducing the Cast of Threads of Reality: Daria Nobel

In case you haven’t read the most recent update and you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, give this link a click to check it out! The long and the short of it is that I’m writing a book, it’s coming up on being done (I hope) and I want to tell you guys about it!

And where better to start than at the heart of a story: it’s characters. Which is the single scariest thing for me to talk about, so… *deep breath* here we go.

The world of Baridar is host to many colorful characters. Honest farmers, cunning pirates, honorable soldiers, noblemen good and cruel, and everyone in-between. One only need turn the corner and they’d find someone remarkable.

Unless that someone was Daria Nobel.

Or so she would tell you. Daria is many things: a daydreamer, a good cook, and quick with a quip. But confidence is not a trait she’s known for. Growing up, she found herself surrounded by people who were smarter than her, better looking than her, more successful than her. What could she, the girl still living in her mother’s house, do to compare to that?

Her own mother hasn’t been much help. After Daria’s father disappeared early on in the young girl’s life, she changed. Now, should her mother ever not get her way, there would be hell to pay. Growing up in this environment has taught Daria that the best way to handle her problems in life is to just be quiet, keep your head down, and wait for the storm to blow over.

But a part of her refused to learn that lesson. Deep down, there is an anger inside of Daria. A burning heat that, when she’s pushed hard enough, explodes.

Even if she were aware of it, Daria wouldn’t be eager to let it out. She’s a gentle girl by nature, just as kind-hearted as she is awkward and reclusive. Her shell it tough to break, but those who do find a solid and loyal friend. One that will gladly throw herself into the fire to protect others, no matter how afraid she may be.

Of all the perspective characters, Daria is the one who best fits the ‘main character’ role of the story. This first book is most definitely her story first and foremost, as her arc is most substantial here out of any of the characters. Even in future books to come, she will have a strong presence throughout. While all of them can be considered a main character, she’s the one that has the most substantial growth throughout all of the books. Which I’m very excited to write and for you guys to experience.

“Why Daria?” I hear you ask. “Why not any of the other characters?” Well, there are two reasons. Reason one is that she’s the fish-out-of-water character. All of the other perspective characters know what the way of the world is. But Daria has spent her days in a small village, away from the rest of the world. Away from war and politics and magic and everything else. Therefor, she makes for the best audience surrogate. Just as she learns, so do all of you.

Reason two is a lot more personal. Personality wise, she’s the one I most relate to. Her arc revolves around her breaking out of her shell and learning the ways of the world. I based her story off of several personal experiences of mine from back in the day. Granted, her journey will be a bit more fantastic, thrilling, and emotionally scarring than mine was.

Hey, it wouldn’t be a good fantasy if the protagonist wasn’t permanently emotionally scarred in about eighteen different ways.

Daria is a character that took me a long time to get working. In earlier drafts of the story, she was just a flat character that served the sole purpose of introducing the audience to the world, then just sort of stuck around until the story ended. But now, she’s a much more impactful character. One of my absolute favorites.

Oh dear god I hope you guys like her.

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