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  • Writer’s Diary: February 2022 Update

    Been a while since I’ve done one of these. And hoo boy, have I got plenty to give you! Firstly, you may have noticed an absence of Energia chapters these last few months. That’s my bad. I haven’t been working on that project for a little while now, and it will probably be a little […]

  • Writer’s Diary: November 2021 Update

    I’ve been back from break for a few days now, and I’ve got a progress report! Today, I’m going to be focusing on two primary subjects. The first is the latest update on Threads of Reality. The second is my plan for November. As for the blog and Energia, there really isn’t much to say; […]

  • Writer’s Diary August 2021 Update

    Productivity has been inconsistent since the last update. Up until a few days ago, it had been very slow. But as of the turn of the month, progress has been accelerating. Let’s start with Energia. This Sunday, the final chapter of this arc will be released. After that, there will be two interlude chapters before […]

  • Writer’s Diary: May 2021 Update

    I need to start doing these more frequently again. Productivity has been slow but steady since the last update. Progress on the two primary projects, Threads of Reality: The Approaching Storm and Energia: Titans of Verità, have kept up better than expected. The former is still a long ways off, but the ladder won’t be […]

  • Writer’s Diary: March Update

    Been a hot minute since I’ve done one of these. The last time I did one of these, I set out two goals. The first was to keep Energia going without a long break. The second was to finish the first edited draft of Threads of Reality by March. Mission failed. These last few months […]