My Review Academia S5 E3: Making Children Fight

Uh… something about that seems wrong. Like, morally. We’re sure they’re allowed to do that?

This is another table-setting episode. Most of the runtime is spent placing all the pieces onto the board for the action of the arc. We get a brief taste of it towards the end of the episode, but doesn’t last long enough to satisfy. Still, this is a pretty strong episode.

The day after his strange meeting with his predecessors, Deku discusses it with All Might, but finds nothing to help. That afternoon, he and the rest of Class 1-A meets up with 1-B for a joint training session! To everyone’s surprise, Aizawa brings in a new student who wants to transfer into the hero class: the brain-washing Shinso! Who will win? 1-A or 1-B?

Persona Chords looks so cool!

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room first: Shinso. I’ve been waiting for this dude to come back ever since his introduction in season two and it’s just as glorious as I’d hoped! He walks in on both classes, drops one of the coolest and coldest speeches in the series (accompanied by a killer new piece of music). Plus, he’s got Aizawa’s cloth weapon and a brand-new mask that lets him copy other people’s voices! He’s not only back, the dude is back with style! I can’t wait to see how he falls into the action!

Okay, now let’s rewind and take it from the top.

While talking to Deku, we’re treated to a flashback of All Might and his mentor, Shimura. Honestly, this scene feels like padding. All she does is explain to All Might what he himself just explained to Deku. Thankfully, it’s short enough to not be annoying. Plus, we get to see more of Shimura, which is always a plus, and we get a pretty cool new young All Might costume!

They also go into more detail about the ‘singularity’ that was mentioned last episode. We get some more details about the ‘Quirk Doomsday Singularity’, in which Quirks will evolve to be so powerful and complicated that they’re impossible to control. They demonstrate this really well with flash images of the Todoroki family, which is a clever bit of editing. It’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate this into the story later on.

Once this scene is done, we’re reunited with the rest of Class 1-A. Some of whom are sporting some cool new costumes! Ashido’s got some fur and new patterned clothes, Yaoyorozu has a Doctor Strange-like cape now, and Bakugo is sporting a sleek new black look! It’s nice to see some new designs to keep things fresh and interesting.

Bakugo and his two boy toys.

Speaking of new designs: Class B has some pretty sick looks, too. Granted, we’ve seen them all before way back in season three. But now we actually get to see them all lined-up in their hero costumes! They all range from cool to cute or both at once. Overall, they’re pretty good looking.

Also, Aizawa fucking murders Monoma for talking trash about his class.

There isn’t much to the battles themselves. It’s basically just tag with extra steps. Luckily, the composition of each team will be more than enough to make it fun and interesting. Not only are we set to get a first look at some new powers from class B, but we’re also set to get some fun combos from the A kids! How will a team made up of Deku, Uraraka, Ashido, and Mineta handle their opponents? This is set to be a fun arc!

Now, we don’t get much action. Only about one minute of it at the end of the episode. But from that brief glimpse, this arc is set to be a blast! The animation is smooth and full of energy and the music is as hype as ever! If the presentation is as strong through the whole episode as it was in that brief preview, this arc is gonna be a blast!

This is another really solid episode. It sets the stage for the arc quickly and it builds up hype masterfully! If it can pay it off, this arc might just be one of the strongest in the show so far!

Please don’t make me eat my words, My Hero…

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