Hitman 3: More of the Same

Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 are two of my favorite games. If I ever get bored, they’re often the games I go to for a fun time. Finding fun ways to murder people while dressed in goofy costumes? Sign me up!

Naturally, I was pretty stoked to hear that Hitman 3 would happen. It was nice to know the series would see a proper conclusion. But oddly enough, I kind of just… forgot about it. I preordered it, then got it installed and ready to play on day one. Then I forgot about it and started playing other games.

And now that I’m finally done with it, I finally understand why. Because it’s just… the same.

The story picks up right where Hitman 2 left off. 47 and friends are on the brink of tearing down the shadow organization that’s been controlling the world. But just as they brush success, everything falls apart! Can 47 put an end to this once and for all?

Let’s be honest: the plot was never the thing we played Hitman for. Like, it’s never been bad. But it’s never been especially incredible. Just a generic action spy thriller. And… well, this one is more or less the same.

Hey! At least the cutscenes are animated this time! And they finished the story! That’s more than most video game franchises can say!

The rest is pretty much the exact same as in Hitman 2. The graphics are a slight upgrade, given that it also launched on next-gen consoled. But it more or less looks the same as the prior two games.

Now, what exciting new gameplay innovations did this entry give us? Hitman 2 refined what the first game established. How did this one improve upon it?

They added a camera. That’s it.

Yeah, so, it’s pretty much the exact same game. But at least you get some exciting levels and interesting kill methods right? Oh, absolutely! My personal favorite is the mansion level, where you get to pretend to be a detective, solve an actual murder mystery, then murder the people who gave you the case!

I only wish they went harder. The number of goofy costumes and kills you can get in this game is significantly less than its predecessors. The amount of options at your disposal are much simpler than before, so you can’t get as creative as you once could. It’s still got plenty of options, but the number of them does hurt the game’s replay value.

Admittedly, I am slightly disappointed by Hitman 3. Like… it’s not a bad game by any means. It’s still plenty fun. But it feels more like an expansion for the previous games than a proper sequel. I’d recommend waiting for a price drop before you pick this one up. But I would definitely recommend giving it a shot!

And with that, it’s over! The Hitman trilogy has concluded! I’m sad to see it go. These games have been some of my favorites of the last five years. Whenever I needed a quick bit of fun, this has always been my go-to. I’m definitely going to miss it.

It’ll still be my go-to murder simulator, though. Because I’ve always got a thirst for blood to satisfy.

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