Writer’s Diary #5: December Plans

This one’s gonna be short and simple.

First point: Energia: Titans of Verità will be returning this month! Part 3 will be premiering on December 20th with Interlude: A Concerning Affection. From there, it’ll be going back to a weekly release schedule, coming out every Sunday.

This time around, I aim to keep the series going. My aim is to write enough of it ahead of time as to make it easy to keep up, as to avoid any more multiple month-long breaks between parts. If I don’t screw up, it ought to keep going like that until the series ends. Whenever that may be.

And if I do screw up, then I am sorry.

Second: I’m going back to Threads of Reality: The Approaching Storm! I’ve done a little bit of editing in my down time up to this point, but now I’m really going to start dedicating myself to it. I am to have it all edited and in the hands of my beta readers by the end of March.

I’ll also be going back to finish the map of ToR sometime soon. When that may be, I don’t know. Probably before I start work on ToR 2. When I’m finished with that, you guys will be the first to see it!

Speaking of which, I’m also rolling around ideas for the second Threads of Reality book. Once the first one is in my reader’s hands, I’ll be starting work on the rough draft for that one. Until I have feedback on book one, I probably won’t go all-in on production of that one. I’ll likely reserve it as a side activity to do in between writing Energia chapters.

That should wrap things up for now. I hope you guys look forward to what I have in store! Hopefully, these projects will be finished and ready to read sooner rather than later!

I’ll see you guys on the 20th for the return of Energia!

*Psst! By the way! If you haven’t read the previous chapters of Energia yet, you can do so in the link right here! If you want to get caught up, now is the time!*

Energia: Table of Contents


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