Writer’s Diary #4: An Objective Completed

I had two goals at the beginning of this year. Goal one: finish the rough draft of my main project, Threads of Reality. The other was to have the next batch of Energia chapters finished and ready to go. The former was my top priority, while the ladder remained something for me to do to change the pace.

Today, I’m happy to announce that objective #1 is complete!

Let’s have some numbers! Here are the total pages, chapters, and words for Threads of Reality! They are:

  • 240 Pages
  • 121222 Words
  • 11 Chapters + Prologue
  • Total editing needed: a looooooot

Better yet, I’ve got a better title! Before, I was working under the title Threads of Reality: Tides of Change. I was never all that hot on the ladder part. So, I’ve changed it to the much more simple but effective new title. That one being ToR: The Approaching Storm.

Will I change it again by the time I’ve finished the editing draft? Maybe. Will I change it again by the time I reach the final draft? Probably. But for me, that title has that special feeling. You know what I mean? It sort of just… clicked for me. It feels right to me.

Very convincing, I know.

Now, with the rough draft done, I will be taking a bit of a break from ToR. I’ll be returning to it in December to start my editing. Once that’s done, I’ll be sending it to some review readers. Once I have their feedback in hand, I’ll edit it all once more. From there, I might repeat that step again. That, or I’ll step away and call it done. We’ll see once we get there.

With my main goal for the year being complete, I can now focus on objective #2: the Energia chapters. Currently, I have the next interlude and Chapter 28 finished, though they require editing. Chapter 29 is in the works

I do have a different plan for this batche than I did the previous two. Before, I’d write a set number of chapters, edit them, then upload them while I work on other things. This time, however, I’m going to attempt a new schedule that won’t interrupt the work flow.

Here’s the plan. I’m going to write at least ten chapters of the new batch and set them to upload well ahead of release. From there, I’ll start on a new schedule, wherein I finish one chapter per week as to not break the schedule. Hopefully it’ll work out. That is, if I can force myself to be consistent.

Come November, I’m going to go all-in on Energia writing. Consider it my NaNoWriMo project for the year (I know it’s cheating, shut up). If I can pull it off, then I should be able to start releasing chapters again in December. I aim to release the next one on December 20th. But do be warned: that isn’t set in stone.

That just about wraps it up this month. I’m running on a bit of a high! It’s been… I dunno, forever since I actually finished a rough draft! I’m glad to see that these little diaries have proven sufficient at getting my ass into gear. So, thanks! Thanks for reading these and giving me the kick I needed!

Let’s just hope the momentum doesn’t stop. Which, knowing me, it very well might.

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