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  • Writer’s Diary #4: An Objective Completed

    I had two goals at the beginning of this year. Goal one: finish the rough draft of my main project, Threads of Reality. The other was to have the next batch of Energia chapters finished and ready to go. The former was my top priority, while the ladder remained something for me to do to […]

  • Writer’s Diary #3: September Progress Report

    Hey! I’ve actually got some exciting stuff to share this time! Hooray for substantial progress! Let’s start with Energia this time. In the last month, I took a week long break from ToR and decided to work a bit on this one. In that time, I wrote the next interlude and a significant chunk of […]

  • Writer’s Diary #2: August Progress Report

    Writer’s Diary #1 It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these. I almost forgot this was a thing I had planned on doing! Dammit, it’s just as I feared! Last time, I broke down my goal for this year in my writing. My main goal is the completion of my current work, Threads […]

  • Writer’s Diary #1: What I Have So Far

    I’ve talked a lot about writing books. It’s been my passion for many years now. But I’ve yet to fully publish a complete story of my own. The closest I have is my Energia series, which you can read right here on this blog every Sunday. But I’ve never actually finished and published a full […]