Drider: Servants of the Spider Queen (Best of the Bestiary)

I failed the Spider Queen once. Never again.

Pellanistra the Drider

Aw. I don’t need to put the word ‘dragon’ in the title anymore. That’s kind of depressing.

You know Quelaag from Dark Souls? Yeah, these guys are that. Just strap a drow on top of it and bam! you’re done. Also, give them a shirt.

Lolth, queen of the spiders, will often observe drow for those with potential. When she finds one, she’ll summon it to the Demonweb Pits to test their faith and power to earn the right to rise up her ranks. Those that fail are transformed into these horrific monsters, driders, and are placed back into the material plane.

In their new forms, driders are often quick to go mad. They flee to the Underdark, becoming hermits and hunters. Some will wander the darkness alone, while others will leed flocks of giant spiders. A few brave few will even return to drow society in order to settle some dispute or fulfill a vow, even though drow fear and shun these monsters.

There’s some fun stuff to do with this lore. Perhaps the party could encounter a drider and her spider hoard in the Underdark. Maybe they can offer to help one fulfill their unfinished business from their life as a drow. Or you could have them convince one to help them overthrow Lolth in exchange for breaking its curse. The possibilities are vast, interesting, and pretty fun!

Unlike its design.

No disrespect on the artwork, though, cause damn is that thing creepy!

In terms of appearance, this monster leaves much to be desired. It’s just a dark elf with a spider body. Sure, that captures the lore to a T… because that’s exactly what it is. But in terms of a creative, interesting design? This is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum.

But you know what? I can forgive that. So long as it makes an interesting fight!

Holy hell, this thing is tricky!

In terms of defenses, it isn’t all that impressive. The AC is certainly high, but the HP is on the lower end of triple digits, which a suitably leveled party should be able to handle. Unless they rely on charm or sleep magic, cause this bitch is resistant to the former and immune to the ladder.

It has three spells that it’ll throw at you in battle, those being dancing lights, darkness, and faerie fire. None of these are especially dangerous, but they’ll each provide a unique challenge to the players. As will its unique movement, which allows it to freely move up walls, ceilings, and webs.

Actual attack wise, the drider isn’t all that impressive. It’s got a bite, longsword, and longbow move, which gives it some decent variety in range. However, even with multiattack and poison, it leaves much to be desired in terms of damage numbers. Unless you’re the squishiest wizard of all time, or in the level one to three range, it won’t be a problem.

Oh, and it’s also super weak to sunlight. Get it into the light and all of her moves will be at disadvantage. If you’ve got some way to bring her into the light, you should do it without a second thought.

This could make for a pretty interesting fight! How do the players handle the monster moving in and out of range by walking up walls? Or its spells? Can they identify its weakness and how do they exploit it? With a little creative application, you can do a lot of fun stuff with a drider fight!

All in all, this is a fairly decent monster. The design isn’t all that great, but it makes up for it in interesting lore and a fun boss fight. Not amazing, but still really good.

With all that in mind, let’s put the Drider on the Best of the Bestiary!

  1. Beholder
  2. Death Tyrant
  3. Dragon Turtle
  4. Green Dragons
  5. Red Dragons
  6. Blue Dragons
  7. Black Dragons
  8. White Dragons
  9. Silver Dragons
  10. Couatl
  11. Behir
  12. Aboleth
  13. Bronze Dragons
  14. Brass Dragons
  15. Copper Dragons
  16. Gold Dragons
  17. Chuul
  18. Chimera
  19. Death Knight
  20. Bone Devil
  21. Dracolich
  22. Ankheg
  23. Shadow Demon
  24. Marilith
  25. Drider <——————-
  26. Aarackockra
  27. Azer
  28. Demilich
  29. Spectator
  30. Cambion
  31. Animated Armor
  32. Banshee
  33. Basilisk
  34. Yochlol
  35. Bulette
  36. Cloaker
  37. Darkmantle
  38. Doppelganger
  39. Pit Fiend
  40. Erinyes
  41. Chain Devil
  42. Bearded Devil
  43. Barbed Devil
  44. Spined Devil
  45. Ice Devil
  46. Nalfeshnee
  47. Glabrezu
  48. Chasme
  49. Barlgura
  50. Horned Devil
  51. Balor
  52. Shadow Dragon
  53. Vrock
  54. Dretch
  55. Goristro
  56. Hezrou
  57. Manes
  58. Quasit
  59. Planetar
  60. Imp
  61. Displacer Beast
  62. Carrion Crawler
  63. Rug of Smothering
  64. Bugbear Chief
  65. Bugbear
  66. Vine Blight
  67. Twig Blight
  68. Needle Blight
  69. Bullywug
  70. Cockatrice
  71. Lemure
  72. Solar
  73. Deva
  74. Cyclops
  75. Centaur
  76. Dinosaurs (All six of them)
  77. Flying Sword
  78. Crawling Claw

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