Category: Best of the Bestiary

  • Nothic: The Curse of the Knowing

    Lore: Rats of the Arcane The gaze of a nothic is just as horrific as it is intelligent and unnerving. When spurned to violence, its victims will rot from the cursed eye of the beast. When a wizard dives too deep into arcane secrets, they are often struck by a curse left behind by Vecna, […]

  • Nightmare: Ponyta, Goth Edition

    What’s this? One page? One monster? Only four paragraphs of lore? I didn’t think that was allowed anymore! Lore: Plucked From Heaven Often referred to as a ‘demon horse’ or a ‘hell horse’, the nightmare is the go-to steed for evil beings, most commonly demons, devils, death knights, liches, night hags, and a few others. […]

  • Nagas: Serpents of Spirit and Bone

    If you destroy me, I will return, and everyone you care about will suffer for it. Explictica Defilus, Spirit Naga Damn, this monster legit just said, “Talk shit, get hit.” That’s pretty cool! Let’s see if it loves up to that! Lore: Arcane Egos Residing within the ruins of ancient civilizations, nagas live to gather […]

  • Myconids: Wrath of the Mushrooms

    Lore: Sharing a Drug Trip Dream Residing in the Underdark, myconids are peaceful seekers of enlightenment. They gladly share shelter or allow safe passage through their colonies to travelers, seeking only knowledge in return. Their tribes, called circles, are led by the largest among them, the sovereign; they work together, live together, and meld together. […]

  • Mummies: Brendan Frasier, is that you?

    Before opening a sarcophagus, light a torch. X the Mystic’s 7th Rule of Dungeon Survival Alright! We’ve got an ominous opening quote and a terrible joke in the title! This week’s Best of the Bestiary is off to a wonderful start! Lore: Eternal Lorekeepers and Undying Tyrants Buried long ago in an extensive dark ritual, […]