Category: Best of the Bestiary

  • Revenant: Vengeful Victim, Restless Spirit

    Wait a minute… a vengeful spirit relentless in their pursuit? Didn’t we cover a monster like that just a few weeks ago? Lore: It Follows Formed from the souls of mortals who met cruel ends, revenants claw their way out of the grave in order to pursue revenge. They resemble a zombie in all ways […]

  • Remorhaz: Fire Beneath the Ice

    Fun fact: I accidentally killed one of my players using this monster. We were doing a prototype session of a new campaign and I chose this monster on a whim. Then I rolled 72 damage. On a character with 36 HP. Killing them instantly. I’ve never felt worse as a DM in my whole life. […]

  • Rakshasa: Hidden in Plain Sight

    Real quick: fuck you Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast. Their changes to D&D’s OGL (open game license) is a blatant insult to the community that threatens the stability of the game. If you want to know more, check out this video by YongYea.Anyways, let’s talk about monsters now. Slay me once, shame on you. Slay me […]

  • Quaggoth: Fugitives of the Underdark

    Lore: Enemies of the Elves Climbing the chasms deep within the Underdark, quaggoths are savage, brutal creatures. Despite their lack of intelligence, they used to reside upon the surface as nocturnal hunters. Elves appeared and drove the quaggoths to near extinction, forcing them to flee into the Underdark for survival. Their time in the dark […]

  • Purple Worm: It’s Tremors for D&D

    Wow. Someone in the naming department was sure feeling creative when they made this thing. “Hey boss, we’ve got a purple worm monster, what should we call it?” Then the dude stroked his beard (let’s just imagine it was a dude with a beard) and said: “I’ve got it!” like he just invented the cure […]