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  • Empyrean: The Bipolar Demigods

    Hey! That’s just a synth from Alien: Isolation in Greek clothing! You can’t fool me, Wizards of the Coast! Empyreans are pretty cool! Sure, their designs are super boring! But their lore, despite only being four paragraphs long, is super flexible and fun to work with! On top of that, they’ve got some incredible stats, […]

  • Drow Elves: Masters of Edge- I mean, Darkness (Part 1: Lore)

    Such depravity. Such terrifying cruelty. They are the vile poison that plagues all elvenkind. -Nelar Autumnwell, elf cleric of Corellon Larethian Jesus, dude, this gave me some whiplash! The last four monsters didn’t have anything for lore! Then these dudes come along with nearly two whole pages of nothing but lore and flavor text! Buckle […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Dungeons and Dragons Characters

    A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Dungeons and Dragons Characters

    If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (thank you!), then you’ll know just how much I love Dungeons and Dragons. Seriously, I’ve managed to fit it into pretty much all of the major categories I have. I just need to find a way to talk about a D&D anime and I’ll be all […]

  • Water Elemental: The Rising Tide

    Water Elemental: The Rising Tide

    I don’t even have a clever title for this one. Christ, dude, these Elementals have taken everything out of me! *Sigh*… well, at least we’re finally done. Almost. Again, there really isn’t any specific lore to speak of. Nor a unique design. Both boil down to ‘it’s water that moves and speaks’. Nothing to bite […]

  • Fire Elemental: BURN TO THE GROUND!

    Fire Elemental: BURN TO THE GROUND!

    How many kids are gonna get that joke? Actually, scratch that, how many of you period got that joke? Please tell, I’m most curious. Once again, the fire elemental doesn’t have any truly unique lore behind it. Nor does it have a compelling design; it’s fire that’s vaguely humanoid. Once again, the only thing there […]