The Best Palate Cleanser Movies

Little known fact: after you watch a few irredeemably bad movies in a row, you’ll forget that good movies exist. This is because your brain will slowly begin turning to mush, with your memory cortex suffering the bulk of the damage. Ever wonder why you get a pounding headache after watching a certain number of bad movies? That’s your brain dying!

This has been my experience these last few weeks, watching all the Jurassic Park/World movies. My mind is mush and I want it to be over.

After a certain number of bad movies, you need something to cleanse your palate. Something to remind you that good films, do in fact, exist. To wash the pain away and rejuvenate you.

There are a few approaches you can take in this. You could go plain and simple and watch a good movie. You could watch a movie so bad that it loops back around to being good. You could watch a movie with a ton of depth or a brain-dead action flick to relax your thinking

Or you could be a normal person and just stop watching movies for the day. But where’s the fun in that?

There are a lot of movies I’ll go back to for this purpose. I’ll frequently rewatch Shin Godzilla, my favorite movie of all time, which is made easier thanks to the insane depth of the script and the amazing visuals. If I just want to vent my frustrations and cry, I’ll watch A Silent Voice. If I need to put things into perspective and watch a so-bad-it’s-good movie, I’ll go back to The Room.

There are a few things I look for in a palate cleanser movie. Typically a good one, unless I’m in a funky mood. Usually, I prefer to watch something cute, fun, interesting, and engaging. The kind of movie that can lift your spirits on a bad day.

Which is why I always go to animated movies. They’re just simple enough for me to shut down my brain and enjoy while often being complex enough for me to stay engaged. Plus, the expressive characters and exaggerated movements of an animated film separates it well from live action movies, which can become kind of draining after a while.

It also lets me pretend to be a child for a little while, which is always nice.


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