Writer’s Diary #3: September Progress Report

Hey! I’ve actually got some exciting stuff to share this time! Hooray for substantial progress!

Let’s start with Energia this time. In the last month, I took a week long break from ToR and decided to work a bit on this one. In that time, I wrote the next interlude and a significant chunk of the next chapter. And unlike ToR, I’m actually willing to share some plot details!

The next interlude of Energia focuses on Jakob Milldrew, leader of Order. In this chapter, he’s confronted by a new character regarding his rather lax enforcement of the rules in the case of Anna Ironchase. What could be his reasoning in letting this trouble-maker into Order?

Next is chapter 28. After blasting through her boring schooling, Anna finally gets to have her first go in her very own E-Suit! In this chapter, we’ll be exploring the extreme power given to our protagonist by the suit as she faces a familiar obstacle course.

Now, this batch might take longer to come out than I had anticipated. Mainly because my current vision of it is pretty long. This next batch of chapters will differ from the previous two in one big way: it’ll take some time to further flesh out the other three protagonists. Anna herself will still play a major role, of course. But she’s going to start sharing the spotlight at long last.

Still, despite its length, I do aim to start publishing these either late this year or early next year. If they don’t start releasing before March of 2021, then I’ll have failed. Will this goal prove impossible while I’m juggling this and ToR? Maybe. I’m still very much in an experimental phase, finding what deadlines work and don’t. We’ll see.

Whether they come out on time or not, rest assured: they will come out. I hope you can bear with me until then. I appreciate your patience and support for this story.

Now, onto Threads of Reality. I don’t have much to share about this one. Progress has been steady, but things are about the same as they were in the last update. If I keep up my current pace, the rough draft will (hopefully) be finished by the end of the year. In case you’re curious, here are some numbers (with a few more than before to put things into perspective):

  • Total pages: 179
  • Total words: 90363
  • Total chapters planned: 11 + prologue
  • Completed chapters: 7 + prologue
  • Amount of editing that’ll need doing: metric fuckton

But I don’t want to leave you guys off with just numbers. So, I’m going to give you something exciting: a first look at ToR’s setting! Behold: Baridar!

I am not good at drawing, but I did my best. Please don’t bully me too badly.

Note: this technically isn’t the finished version of the map. This is what the landscape looks like, but I’ve yet to place the various cities, towns, and villages. I might add roads and trade routes, if that sounds interesting to you guys. If it does, let me know!

The majority of the first book will be taking place in Freln, with three of the main characters sharing an adventure there. Meanwhile, two of the other characters are dealing with their own problems over in Alinorch, though their struggles are separated from each other. Then there’s the third and final character of this novel, who is conducting their business over in the desert land of Xandem.

In this story, the other three, Harinal, Barbara, and Elvatia, will only be playing a minor role. If you’re curious about them, rest assured: they’ll become far more important in the story later. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

That’s about all I have to share this month. Hopefully you guys enjoyed that! I’ll work my hardest so I have more substantial news to share with you next month! I hope you guys look forward to it!

See you later!

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