Silver Dragons: Your Friendly Draconic Neighbor

Huh. We’re nearly done with the dragons. That… feels strange. I could’ve sworn that would’ve taken longer. Granted, we have been in this section for basically the whole summer… Time has been weird this year.

Silver dragons, the final of the metallic dragons, are the friendliest of the bunch. They live moral lives, performing good deeds and causing no undeserved harm to others. Unlike gold or bronze dragons, they don’t actively seek out to destroy evil, though they’ll gladly oppose it if they must.

While they do appreciate the company of other silver dragons, they also greatly appreciate the friendship of humanoid creatures. Often times, they’ll spend more time in a human form than their true form. It’ll even adopt a persona, such as an old sage or a wanderer, to develop these bonds.

However, they’ll need to step away from these human lives pretty often to fulfill their dragonoid duties, such as tending to their hoards or… mating (yes, these dragons fuck). Unfortunately, they don’t exactly have a good sense of time. Often times, they’ll return to their human lives to find their friends have become old or just died. They tend to befriend several generations of humans with a single family as a result.

Now, humans aren’t the only creatures that silver dragons are drawn to. But they are the ones they find the most fascinating. Their short life spans give them a certain drive that silver dragons find interesting.

Hey! This lore is actually pretty cool! There is a ton you could do with this! Maybe the party meets an old man who used to be friends with one who sends them on a quest to reunite them. Or perhaps they stumble into a silver dragon’s mating ritual and need to choose how to handle it; do they protect the dragons from their enemies, or do they try and steal the egg for their personal gain? Or you could be a sneaky bastard of a DM and disguise a silver dragon as a long-standing NPC! There’s some fun stuff you can do here!

Now, as for a boss fight, this one is pretty themed around slowing the enemy down. Their frost breath will freeze you, sure. But if that doesn’t work, it has its slow breath, that will… slow you down. Huh. Funny how that works.

As for the rest… it’s a dragon. It has all the same stats and abilities as the others. Ya don’t want to fuck with it. But if you do, it’ll be a fun, terrifying time.

With all that in mind, let’s put Silver Dragons on the Best of the Bestiary!

  1. Beholder
  2. Death Tyrant
  3. Green Dragons
  4. Red Dragons
  5. Blue Dragons
  6. Black Dragons
  7. White Dragons
  8. Silver Dragons <————-
  9. Couatl
  10. Behir
  11. Aboleth
  12. Bronze Dragons
  13. Brass Dragons
  14. Copper Dragons
  15. Gold Dragons
  16. Chuul
  17. Chimera
  18. Death Knight
  19. Bone Devil
  20. Dracolich
  21. Ankheg
  22. Shadow Demon
  23. Marilith
  24. Aarackockra
  25. Azer
  26. Demilich
  27. Spectator
  28. Cambion
  29. Animated Armor
  30. Banshee
  31. Basilisk
  32. Yochlol
  33. Bulette
  34. Cloaker
  35. Darkmantle
  36. Doppelganger
  37. Pit Fiend
  38. Erinyes
  39. Chain Devil
  40. Bearded Devil
  41. Barbed Devil
  42. Spined Devil
  43. Ice Devil
  44. Nalfeshnee
  45. Glabrezu
  46. Chasme
  47. Barlgura
  48. Horned Devil
  49. Balor
  50. Shadow Dragon
  51. Vrock
  52. Dretch
  53. Goristro
  54. Hezrou
  55. Manes
  56. Quasit
  57. Planetar
  58. Imp
  59. Displacer Beast
  60. Carrion Crawler
  61. Rug of Smothering
  62. Bugbear Chief
  63. Bugbear
  64. Vine Blight
  65. Twig Blight
  66. Needle Blight
  67. Bullywug
  68. Cockatrice
  69. Lemure
  70. Solar
  71. Deva
  72. Cyclops
  73. Centaur
  74. Dinosaurs (All six of them)
  75. Flying Sword
  76. Crawling Claw

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