Gold Dragons: Fire… But Gold This Time

Can one simultaneously be noble and greedy at the same time? I mean, it is still a dragon. You’d think, if it were so noble, it wouldn’t horde treasure. Or, in this case, literally eat the shit.

Gold dragons are templars of justice and devourers of treasure. They’ll often keep to themselves, avoiding contact with other dragons (aside from its mate and children). Should they take a human form, they’ll frequent honest businesses and lend a helping hand in unseen ways, often for weeks on end. It is confident it can do this because of all the magical charms around its hoard, which would undoubtedly alert it to any intruder.

You can do some fun stuff with this one. Maybe a strange NPC that shows up and helps the party turns out to be a golden dragon! Or maybe the party is tasked with finding one, essentially making them find a needle in a haystack. There aren’t many stories there, but the few that there are could be really interesting!

As for the battle itself, this is likely the most difficult fight of all the good-aligned dragons. Mainly because, on top of fire breath, it has a breath that literally just makes you weaker. Have fun with that when you’re staring down a motherfucking dragon!!

With all that in mind, let’s put the Gold Dragons on the Best of the Bestiary!

  1. Beholder
  2. Death Tyrant
  3. Green Dragons
  4. Red Dragons
  5. Blue Dragons
  6. Black Dragons
  7. White Dragons
  8. Couatl
  9. Behir
  10. Aboleth
  11. Bronze Dragons
  12. Brass Dragons
  13. Copper Dragons
  14. Gold Dragons <—————-
  15. Chuul
  16. Chimera
  17. Death Knight
  18. Bone Devil
  19. Dracolich
  20. Ankheg
  21. Shadow Demon
  22. Marilith
  23. Aarackockra
  24. Azer
  25. Demilich
  26. Spectator
  27. Cambion
  28. Animated Armor
  29. Banshee
  30. Basilisk
  31. Yochlol
  32. Bulette
  33. Cloaker
  34. Darkmantle
  35. Doppelganger
  36. Pit Fiend
  37. Erinyes
  38. Chain Devil
  39. Bearded Devil
  40. Barbed Devil
  41. Spined Devil
  42. Ice Devil
  43. Nalfeshnee
  44. Glabrezu
  45. Chasme
  46. Barlgura
  47. Horned Devil
  48. Balor
  49. Shadow Dragon
  50. Vrock
  51. Dretch
  52. Goristro
  53. Hezrou
  54. Manes
  55. Quasit
  56. Planetar
  57. Imp
  58. Displacer Beast
  59. Carrion Crawler
  60. Rug of Smothering
  61. Bugbear Chief
  62. Bugbear
  63. Vine Blight
  64. Twig Blight
  65. Needle Blight
  66. Bullywug
  67. Cockatrice
  68. Lemure
  69. Solar
  70. Deva
  71. Cyclops
  72. Centaur
  73. Dinosaurs (All six of them)
  74. Flying Sword
  75. Crawling Claw

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