Writer’s Diary #2: August Progress Report

Writer’s Diary #1

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these. I almost forgot this was a thing I had planned on doing! Dammit, it’s just as I feared!

Last time, I broke down my goal for this year in my writing. My main goal is the completion of my current work, Threads of Reality, by the end of the year. My secondary goal is to complete another batch of Energia chapters and upload them either at the end of the year or the start of the next. If I can’t do both, I want to at least get the primary done. If that obviously won’t happen, then I’ll dedicate myself to the secondary.

Question is: am I on track? Amazingly enough, yes! At least, I am right now.

Currently, with Threads of Reality (which is what I’m going to be focusing on entirely in this article): the general plot of the first book is still changing in a few minor ways with a few major ones every here and there. But the overall structure is mostly solid. Which is good, considering that I’m pretty far into the writing process.

Let’s see some numbers! As of August 1st, 2020, Threads of Reality (which I shall abbreviate to ToR from here on out) has:

  • 144 pages
  • 72119 words
  • 5 chapters + a prologue

Now, I can hear you asking: how do you have that much stuff with only five chapters? Well, that’s where I reach the challenge of this book: the pacing. See, I’m experimenting with a new style, very different from my usual fare, with longer chapters that switch between character perspectives pretty often. Some chapters are only fourteen pages long. Others are forty-three.

Remember: this is still the rough draft stage. Those numbers very well may change. And, depending on how it flies with my test readers, it may very well change in some dramatic ways. Personally, I’m pretty confident in it so far. But if I’ve learned anything from my many years of writing, it’s that you can’t afford to get attached to things if they don’t work.

As for the characters, they’re a mixed bag. I’ve got a strong grip on some of them. But others are still in a state of metamorphosis. Some of them will definitely need a lot of editing before I’m willing to show this to other people. That’s going to be the one thing that’ll take the longest to iron out, of that, I have no doubt.

Another one I’m struggling with is the title. Now, I’m set on Threads of Reality. That part is ironclad, that’s what the series is going to be called. But what am I going to call this book?

My current working title is Tides of Change. But personally, I’m not super in love with it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other ideas at the moment. My current hope is that something else will come to me as I wrap up the story. That or the current title will just… click. We’ll see.

That’s just about all I have to share at the moment. Don’t worry, one day I’ll actually talk about the plot and characters. Maybe in the next one, if I make enough progress in the coming month. But at this current stage in development, I don’t want to start making promises that will eventually be broken.

God knows I’ve done enough of that already.

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