Blue Dragons: Bane of the Desert (Best of the Bestiary)

Huh. I thought these guys lived in the ocean. I guess even they don’t want to mess with the Dragon Turtle. Can’t blame them there.

Blue Dragons, the natural enemy to Brass Dragons, are ferociously proud beasts. They won’t stand for even the slightest insult and take great pleasure in establishing their dominance. However, don’t mistake them for fools. In a fight, they will act patiently and methodically. A battle with one could last hours, or even days, as it will fly about and blast lightning from a safe distance.

To survive in the desert that they make home, a blue dragon will often feed on cacti and other desert plants. Don’t be fooled: they are still undoubtedly carnivores. They’ll cook their meal, typically livestock, with lightning before consuming it. Because of that preference, they are considered the bane of nomadic tribes or traveling caravans, as the beast sees them as a convenient food source. Frighteningly enough, they don’t just swoop in and take it; they’ll actually bury themselves in the sand to hide and wait. When they rise, it’s as though an avalanche of sand pours from their wings.

Unlike most dragons, a blue dragon doesn’t seek out lesser monsters (aside from akhegs, giant scorpions, and other desert-faring creatures, whom they let stay near them) to fill out its ranks. Rather, it prefers to surround itself with bards, sages, artists, wizards, and assassins, as they help bolster its ego. Older blue dragons, however, will sometimes keep company with air elementals.

While they aren’t picky, blue dragons generally prefer precious gemstones over anything else. They’ll bury their treasures deep within the sand. Knowing that others would hunt their hoard, they’ll scatter less valuable items in the area as a trap for would-be treasure-hunters.

Once again, there’s a ton you can do with this! Want a purely random boss fight in the desert? You got it! Or maybe you want something more complex; perhaps the party could be hired by the ruler of the desert to find the treasure, only to discover the dragon! Or they could get caught in-between a battle of blue and brass dragons! Possibilities abound!

And best of all: you get a cool boss fight out of it!

Once again, the blue dragon comes in four flavors: wyrmling, young, adult, and ancient. Wyrmlings are the weakest. It’s AC and HP are pretty high for a low-level boss, even more so when you consider the lightning immunity. Its bite attack isn’t all that threatening, but the lightning breath is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Young blue dragons are a huge upgrade. While the AC only goes up by one, the HP skyrockets by a whole extra 100. Now, on top of an upgraded bite attack and even more deadly lightning breath, it has a claw move that does decent but not frightening damage. But when you recall it can attack thrice with multiattack? It suddenly becomes much more frightening.

Adults are even more frightening. The AC once again goes up by one and the HP practically doubles. This time, it’s got three Legendary Resistances and Legendary Actions, which gives it a massive advantage in a battle. All of its attacks have upgraded damage, with an extra wing attack restricted to the Legendary Actions. Worse yet, it now has Frightful Presence, which can leave the players helpless against its wrath.

Ancient blue dragons are just adults, but with more AC and HP. Like, a lot more. This dude should either a) not be used for an actual fight or b) restricted to a level 20 party. Otherwise, it will kill them. Its numbers are just ridiculous!

In terms of a boss fight, this is yet another slam dunk! With the four varieties, you can give your players the fright and fun of fighting one regardless of their level. Sure, it’s pretty straightforward. But I’ll say it yet again: it’s a dragon! No matter what you do, it’ll scare the hell out of your players!

All in all, blue dragons are fucking sick! Their lore is super cool and they make for an awesome boss fight! This is yet another amazing monster that earns a spot among the top!

With all that in mind, let’s put the Blue Dragon on the Best of the Bestiary!

  1. Beholder
  2. Death Tyrant
  3. Blue Dragons <———–
  4. Black Dragons
  5. Couatl
  6. Behir
  7. Aboleth
  8. Chuul
  9. Chimera
  10. Death Knight
  11. Bone Devil
  12. Dracolich
  13. Ankheg
  14. Shadow Demon
  15. Marilith
  16. Aarackockra
  17. Azer
  18. Demilich
  19. Spectator
  20. Cambion
  21. Animated Armor
  22. Banshee
  23. Basilisk
  24. Yochlol
  25. Bulette
  26. Cloaker
  27. Darkmantle
  28. Doppelganger
  29. Pit Fiend
  30. Erinyes
  31. Chain Devil
  32. Bearded Devil
  33. Barbed Devil
  34. Spined Devil
  35. Ice Devil
  36. Nalfeshnee
  37. Glabrezu
  38. Chasme
  39. Barlgura
  40. Horned Devil
  41. Balor
  42. Shadow Dragon
  43. Vrock
  44. Dretch
  45. Goristro
  46. Hezrou
  47. Manes
  48. Quasit
  49. Planetar
  50. Imp
  51. Displacer Beast
  52. Carrion Crawler
  53. Rug of Smothering
  54. Bugbear Chief
  55. Bugbear
  56. Vine Blight
  57. Twig Blight
  58. Needle Blight
  59. Bullywug
  60. Cockatrice
  61. Lemure
  62. Solar
  63. Deva
  64. Cyclops
  65. Centaur
  66. Dinosaurs (All six of them)
  67. Flying Sword
  68. Crawling Claw

Honestly, it was a coin flip between this and the black dragon. Frankly, they should be tied. But I find the flavor text of the blue dragons to be just a bit more interesting than the black dragon. Though not by much; it was a very tight contest.

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