Bob Ross Shows: The Ultimate Therapy

It’s safe to say that life is pretty stressful these days. We’ve all got problems that cause us to worry, whether you’re still in school or you’ve got bills to pay. Throw on current world politics and time management and boom! You’re on your way to a very tiring and stressful day!

Every now and then, you need something to help you relax. Everyone has something that helps the chill after a long day. Some people just want to sit back and read a good book. Others want to watch TV or a movie. It all depends on the person. And whether or not their chosen hobby will relax them is all down to that hobby. Sometimes a stress-relieving hobby can end up causing even more stress!

Personally, I don’t really have a consistent habit for relaxing. Sometimes I’ll crack open a beer and watch stand-up comedy. Other times, I’ll boot up whatever game I’m playing for my next review. Unfortunately, I often find that they do little to relax me. Granted, that’s probably my fault. I’ve turned basically every one of my hobbies into a job for this blog.

Which I love, don’t get me wrong. But it is certainly stressful sometimes. Luckily, I have one special show dedicated entirely to helping me relax. And it hasn’t failed me yet!

So naturally, I turned it into work just like I did for everything else. Fucking… what’s wrong with me?

Bob Ross shows are the ultimate therapy! They aren’t these big-budget, visually-stimulating rollercoasters. Each episode is just Bob sitting down with his tools and painting. There’s no bombastic music, no insane editing tricks, and no story to follow. It’s just a very positive and pleasant man teaching you how to paint.

And I have never loved anything so much in my entire life!

Yes, these shows definitely show their age in a few ways. The quality of the footage is a bit rough, although I have a nostalgic soft spot for classic film grain, and the audio is just as rough (and just as charming in my opinion). They also try to do some bluescreen tricks for the episode introductions, which have definitely aged. But let’s be honest: none of us are watching Bob Ross because it’s a visual masterpiece.

Although the paintings are certainly amazing to look at. But we’ll get to that. First, we need to talk about our star! The man I wish was my therapist: Bob Ross!

I know it’s a bit of a meme now, what with the whole ‘happy trees’ and ‘no accidents’ lines. But let’s be real: we can’t deny how chill this dude was! His voice is like a verbal massage! This man could read me the ingredients off of a bag of Cheetohs and I’d still be both relaxed and engaged! He’s so damn soothing!

It also helps that he was the nicest dude ever! He would often help raise wild animals like squirrels! Then he’d bring them onto the show to just say “Well, look at these cute little critters! Isn’t nature just amazing! Now, back to painting happy little trees!” It’s so pure and I love it!

Then there are his paintings! God damn, this guy could paint! His creative process is super interesting to watch and the end product is often breath-taking! I don’t know where I can find one, but I need to have one of these in my apartment!

This is what makes these shows so interesting to me. It’s a super relaxing show, but it’s still engaging to watch! You could learn some incredibly helpful painting tips from watching any of his shows! It keeps you hooked and never sacrifices its chill tone! As a result, you get a show that is a ton of fun to watch and becomes super easy to binge! It’s the perfect thing to put on in the background while you do something else!

Yes. I do have it on now as I’m writing this. Why do you ask?

I know that Bob Ross shows aren’t high-class televised art. It’s just a show about a chill painter spreading positivity. But I think that’s part of what makes them so special. They’re charming, calming, and simple.

And what can be less stressful than a happy little tree?

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