My Five Favorite Movies of 2019

It was an interesting year for movies this year. We were graced with the biggest blockbuster of all time in Avengers: Endgame, which paid off ten years of build-up and smashed all the box office records to become the number one top-grossing film of all time. The photo-realistic Lion King set the world ablaze with a debate over the merit of animation and these ‘live-action’ remakes. Alita: Battle Angel and Detective Pikachu made people wonder if live-action adaptations of anime and video games respectively could actually be good. Then, to end the year out, Rambo: Last Blood completely solidified the fact that reboots to franchises from years past often don’t work.

I watched a fair few movies this year. Many of which I reviewed, some of which I didn’t. There are a good number of massive hits that I haven’t seen yet. I’ve heard that Knives Out is a fun who-done-it mystery (which, if you’ve been keeping up with my book reviews, you know I love). I still haven’t seen Joker. John Wick: Chapter 3 was pretty popular, and I did like the first movie, but I still haven’t seen the second one, let alone the third. And the Hellboy reboot…

I never want to talk about that again. So let’s just go into movie number five. That being The Missing Link.

I’ll be honest: I’m mostly putting this one on here because of the animation. Granted, the first half of the story was great! But man did it decline in that second half!

It’s almost like a scale. The better the animation, the worse the story. It tips back and forth, going back and forth. Near the end of the movie, the animation skyrockets and becomes amazing! But the story just falls flat on its face.

But hey. It isn’t a bad movie. Not nearly as bad as some of the other shit that came out this year. Still, I don’t think that it was the best piece of animation from this year. That would still go to Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.

Fuck you. It counts. Shut up.

This movie felt like one really long Invader Zim episode, but with way better animation (and the original show was already very nicely animated). It brought back all these amazing characters in a fantastic and hilarious way! I hope to god that it leads to more Invader Zim in the future because I would kill to see more!

Don’t you dare tell me to go read the comics.

Even separate from the show, this was just a good movie! It introduces Zim, Dib and all the others well enough for newcomers to leap into without having seen the original series. It’s so much more than a cheap cash grab, as I feared it would be. If you still haven’t seen it, then you should absolutely go and fix that.

I’ve got to be honest though. That wasn’t nearly as much fun as the next movie. And I get the feeling you already know what it is. Here’s a hint: it’s Godzilla.

Yes. I understand the criticism. I even agree with it. Honestly, if it weren’t me, then I wouldn’t have put it here. But that’s the problem. It is me. And I’m incredibly biased.

This movie is so much damn fun! It perfectly sells the massive size of the monsters as they clash! It’s filled to the brim with fan-service, from using the classic sounds and theme songs of the monsters to even using the Oxygen Destroyer! It’s a pure explosion of Godzilla fan service and I fucking love it!

It is not a movie for everyone. That much I can admit. But for kaiju nerds like me? It is a pure delight!

Now, I feel like it isn’t fair to put a superhero movie on this list. There are enough of those already and most of them are basically the same thing. But I have to give credit where it’s due. Avengers: Endgame was a fantastic pay-off to my childhood.

Once again, I may be a little biased. I’ve grown up with these movies, having kept an eye on it ever since Iron Man 1. The story has been building up to this for basically my entire childhood. I had fully expected it to fall flat on its face; how could they pay-off something they’ve been building up to for over a decade?

This. Like this. This is how you do it.

At its core, this is still a superhero movie. It’s dumb and corny, with plenty of quips and a few jokes (some of which work better than others). If you already don’t like the genre, this movie won’t change your mind. It is a great superhero movie that served as a fantastic final chapter to the MCU.

Excluding the fact that it wasn’t the final chapter of the MCU. But whatever. Let’s move on now to my #1 movie of 2019: Jojo Rabbit.

When I went into this movie, I thought it would be nothing more than a dark comedy. ‘Oh look!’, I thought, ‘That boy’s imaginary friend is Hitler! That’ll piss people off!’ What I wasn’t expecting was a genuinely interesting and engaging drama with such interesting characters!

This movie was a rollercoaster of emotion. One minute, I was laughing my ass off. The next, I was holding back tears. Then I went back to laughing. So on and so forth until the end of the movie. It is a spectacular film from start to end, one that I’ll happily revist for years to come.

If only they sounded more German…

I know that none of these movies are really considered high art. There are a ton of award-winning flicks that I didn’t see this year. But out of all the movies of this year (most of which were terrible, not gonna lie), these were the ones I enjoyed the most. Feel free to write me off as a hack who only likes Marvel movies.

Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that.

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