Godzilla The Criterion Collection: Fifteen Classics Revived!

The horse lives! And just in time for the sixty-fifth anniversary! Long beat the horse!

I don’t know if I’ve made it clear with the abundance of articles I’ve written on the topic, but I adore Godzilla! It’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! The original films captured my heart at an extremely early age, and it has never let go! I’ve seen each and every film a multitude of times, to the point that I had them memorized once upon a time!

But time made it challenging for me to enjoy this series. As I grew older, my collection of Godzilla films grew smaller and smaller as my old DVDs and VHS tapes (remember those?!) became worn and damaged. By the time I got my first job, I had no way of watching the series anymore.

Naturally, I set out to rebuild my collection. Unfortunately, that has proven… let’s say spiritually taxingThanks to piecemeal licensing, it has been practically impossible to get every single film in an organized manner. Different distributors owned different films, and none of them seemed eager to work together!

Worse yet were the localization problems! Do you really want to watch ‘Mothra VS Godzilla’ in the original Japanese? Well, you’d have to find a copy first, which isn’t too difficult. But oops! You accidentally grabbed the English version that only refers to Mothra as ‘The Thing’! Now you need to live with that, no matter how much it bothers you! Hope you didn’t pay too much for it!

You probably did.

I’m not the first, of course. This struggle has plagued Godzilla fans outside of Japan ever since the franchise’s inception! Hell, it’s gotten easier over time thanks to the internet! But it has still been far from easy! Collecting the franchise at the highest possible quality has been practically impossible!

Luckily, a huge step has been taken in our fight! Recently, a special package has come out that makes watching Godzilla so much easier! After so many decades, the original fifteen films have been brought together in one clear, beautiful, and loving package!

The Criterion Collection of the Godzilla Showa Era is finally here!

I love this cover so damn much!

This collection feels like it was specifically made to worm its way into my heart! It brings all fifteen classic entries back in extremely high quality! At the same time, it provides breathtaking artwork from talented artists and, my personal favorite addition, interesting history and trivia regarding the franchise! This package may be a bit pricey, but it is an absolute must-own for fans of the franchise!

Every film from the Showa era is in this package, spread across eight Blu-Ray discs. Some are strictly Japanese while others will let you choose between the original versions and the American versions. Not every dubbed version is preserved, but there are enough to satisfy those who prefer a dub. Even the terrible ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’, the butchered American version of the classic films, is here!

As well as both versions of Godzilla VS King Kong! Though the Japanese version is hidden away in disc eight. Don’t ask me why cause I have no idea. In fact, please tell me.

Visually speaking, these releases are pretty solid! It’s entirely up to preference whether they’re the best versions to ever come out. But they certainly look nice. Not unless you really can’t stand to see the wires pulling all the UFOs and Godzilla’s tail.

But I do. So I am a very happy camper!

But I’ve already talked about these movies. Numerous times. Let’s talk about what this bundle brings us that’s new! Starting with the book, ‘Reign of Destruction’ by Steve Ryfle! Yes, there’s a god damn book in this thing!

It’s a very short but dense book, filled with interesting information regarding the franchise! From the production stories of each individual film to the overall impact of the series in the world. This book covers everything. It even includes the cast and credits of each film! Are you an aspiring Godzilla expert? Give this a read!

And the artwork! Oh my fucking God(zilla, heh heh) these drawings are nice! Each film gets a special piece of art drawn by an extremely talented artist, and all of them are absolutely incredible! Just look at these!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have fifteen new desktop backgrounds to work with!

Now, there is one major issue with this bundle: the size. This collection is huge! The damn thing is as wide as my torso and as stands from my waist to my collar bone! Good luck finding a place for this thing on your shelf, because it in it of itself requires an entire shelf for itself!

Nevertheless, this is a fantastic bundle! Long-time fans will find lots of new and interesting things in here. Meanwhile, newcomers will find a fantastic and easy source to get into the most classic era of the Godzilla franchise! It may be a bit pricey depending on where you’re buying it. But it is absolutely worth it!

Please, PLEASE, for the love of God! Let this be a sign of what’s to come! Give us a bundle for the Heisei era! The modern era! You’ve already conquered the tallest hurdle in organizing the series! Please do the same for the rest! I might finally be able to die happy if that happens!

Happy sixty-fifth, Godzilla! Here’s to sixty-five more!

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