League of Legends Origins:(Movie Monday)

Huh. I have no idea where this one came from. It just sort of showed up on my Netflix cue. Oh well. May as well see how cringy this is!

That was my thought process going into this documentary. I had expected it to be one of those movies made by a team that had no understanding or respect for the subject matter. Sort of like that garbage anime documentary that came out on the same platform that I forgot to talk about. Part of me hoped it would be! I wanted an excuse to tear into League of Legends (I’m not a fan, sue me).

I was wrong. This documentary is actually pretty good.

This movie covers the entire history of League of Legends. From its DOTA inspired roots all the way to it becoming one of the biggest Esports out there, every step of this game’s journey is covered in this documentary. It doesn’t just cover the highs, mind you. They’re fully willing to admit that they had problems, such as the early problems with the in-game store and servers.

This story isn’t told from the perspective of the filmmakers. It isn’t presented by idiots who have no idea what they’re talking about. It’s told by various voices from Riot games, pro gaming journalists (which is not supposed to make you laugh out loud) and the Esports scene. Everyone who makes an appearance in this documentary is both knowledgable and passionate about the game. Thanks to them, the movie becomes interesting to watch rather than cringe-inducing.

You may be thinking “Well, why should I care? I don’t like League of Legends and I don’t like Esports! Why should I watch this documentary?” Well, I have this to say to you.

You shouldn’t. The documentary for this audience is fairly niche. It’s for League fans or fans of Esports. If you don’t fall into either category, this documentary won’t provide anything for you. You may develop a stronger understanding of why people like both League and Esports by watching! But it may not catch your interest as it would for a fan.

Another fear could be that the documentary could come across as bragging. “Look at our game! We’re bigger than traditional sports now! We’re so cool!” Clearly, this documentary is just made for Riot games to show off how successful they’ve gotten, right?

Wrong. This documentary is more than willing to tackle the deepest lows of League, both in the game’s development and Esports. If they were bragging, they would try to sweep disasters like the end of League’s biggest tournament falling apart under the rug. If they were bragging, the movie would go like this: “League was made with no problems, launched with no problems and grew in popularity with no problems.” To be able to acknowledge your shortcomings is both admirable and interesting.

Oh no. I think I like this documentary! What the hell is wrong with me?!

This is a very solid documentary. Sure, it definitely won’t appeal to all audiences. But for those it does appeal to, this is a very interesting and engaging watch! It is an important piece of Esports history that perfectly covers one of the biggest games in the world right now!

If you’re a LOL fan (unlike me), then I’d recommend checking out League of Legends Origins. If you’re an Esports fan (very much like me), then I’d recommend watching this documentary. However, if neither one of these subjects interests you, then you’d be best to pass on it. You’ll learn a fair bit about Esports, but that hardly matters if it doesn’t interest you.

Now, when can I get a documentary like this for EVO and fighting games? I mean, Riot is trying their hands at the FGC with that Project L game! Now seems like a good time to me!

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